UFC won’t debut The following are some examples of how to use The Sphere in Las Vegas until SeptemberBut Dana White It is almost time.

The The massive $2.3 billion stadium, which has a seating capacity of over 18,000 and an immersive video experience with a 16K resolution LED wraparound screen, was captured. White’s After attending the grand opening concert, he caught everyone’s attention. Almost After the event, White UFC announces its next fight Noche UFC Card There In September Celebrate 2024 with us Mexican Independence Day.

White Planning for the UFC Card at The Sphere He promises that the event will be unlike any other company’s ever held.

“I was blown away by The Sphere when I went in there,” White Tell them to get on with it The Pat McAfee Show On, Wednesday. “The first thing that happened was everybody started talking about, ‘It’s great, it’s an amazing experience for concerts,’ and then you had people with the negative, ‘You There is no way to pull off a good show. It It’s too expensive to buy this or that.

“We’re going in there during Mexican Independence Day and I’m going to put on the greatest live event anybody’s ever seen, and it’s going to be this huge love letter to all of combat and combat sports throughout the history of Mexico. Some of the baddest dudes that have ever walked the face of this Earth have been Mexican. On Mexican Independence Day, I’m going to deliver the craziest show anybody’s ever seen.”

White As stated, the same as the Noche UFC Card This Past SeptemberThis year’s edition will include a number of new features. Mexican There are still no confirmed matchups. That After Feb. When the UFC returns in 24 Mexico City With a list of local talents, including athletes from both the main event and the co-main event.

As As much as The Sphere This has been done by hosting feature films and concerts. White It is said that the full potential of the arena still hasn’t yet been realized. One benefit White It was important to mention the sound delivered to fans watching the game, since each individual could have an entirely different experience.

“You’re sitting here and you’re watching the show in English. He’s sitting in that seat, he can watch it in Spanish,” White The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other “The speakers are aimed directly at the seats. There’s so many things that you can do.”

White The financial investment needed to pull off this card is likely to scare away any potential competitors who want to compete with the UFC. StillIt’s risky White What he says he will do to make it happen “the greatest live sporting event anyone has ever seen.”

“What we’re going to pull off there, will never be done again,” White said. “Nobody’s going to be willing to spend the money that I’m going to spend. I’m not playing around with this. I’m going in guns blazing and I’m going to blow everybody’s mind with this event.”

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