New YorkArtists based in -based Daniel Arsham Has brought his future relics Bangkok ThailandIn a unique exhibition in the country entitled BANGKOK 3000. The The show was created in collaboration luxury lifestyle destination Central Embassy Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label.

To HypeArt’s commemorative event and exhibition, HypeArt Met with Arsham You can also find out more about the following: Barom BhicharnchitrThe managing director of Central Embassy Founder of Siwilai. In In a private discussion and tour of the space, they shared important details about their conceptual inspiration, individual works, and personal reflections.

BANGKOK 3000 This is a journey through the past, present, and future that explores cultural memory and identity. Known His fictional archaeology is a good example. Arsham Transforms Central Embassy The site is a futuristic one, with artifacts of the late 20th Century. The Space features works from his various career eras, all of which reflect his signature style. His signature style blurs the line between decay and renewal, and invites viewers reconsider their perceptions on time and permanence. ThematicallyThe exhibition is a celebration and a commemoration of Central Embassy’s A decade-long legacy, but also an invitation to action that encourages visitors to reflect upon our collective future.

Arsham noted that not all of the works present are new, but instead represent a journey through time, with each object representing a different era — a concept that deeply resonates and reflects the passage of time for Central Embassy. In The artist’s studio, in addition to exhibiting works, also brought a selection of editions, books on art and merchandise exclusive to this event. “It was just quite fitting, I wouldn’t say it was planned, it was more like destined,” Bhicharnchitr explains. “We have been in talks with Daniel for a while now and it’s just that the 10th-year anniversary was the best moment.”

Notably, Bhicharnchitr You can also find out more about the following: Central Embassy’s Relationship with Arsham The artist’s design studio was first contacted in 2017, when the lifestyle destination approached the designer. Snarkitecture The immersive installation entitled THE BEACH. Since Since then, they have remained in contact, with Bhicharnchitr Among other things, they discussed the first exhibit with Arsham’s studio.

Lending Further significance of the moment BANGKOK 3000 Also, this is a first for the artist. From a unique rendition of his eroded-passage concept to the debut of the exhibition by Arsham Studio You can also find out more about the following: Bangkok You can also find out more about the following: Split Venus Being shown in public. “The main gesture is this big installation, a work that I’ve created in other scenarios,” Share this article Arsham, adding, “This is a unique way of viewing it because you’re able to be inside of it and also see it from multiple different levels above, with the architecture of the building also having an influence.”

“There’s something about the repetitive nature and material that is ephemeral.”

He Further, it was explained that this was the first passage to be built with walls disconnected at the top, allowing the walls to protrude over the second floor of the building. This created a stunning effect. Each The walls are smaller, which helps to create the illusion of walking through a doorway. SimilarlyWhat is the space between the walls? Arsham Says could be viewed as mini-galleries. Each one features a work unique to the respective eras. Another First, it is important to note that the passageway and its walls are enclosed by a JapaneseThe artist’s gravel garden has become synonymous with this design element.

Touching This is what I’m saying: Arsham Share this article “This is the first instance that I’ve done the eroded walls surrounded by this gravel garden, I’ve made a number of these as installations and also have one at my house in Long Island.” He Further explained “The original inspiration came from visiting Kyoto and seeing the gardens. There is something about the repetitive nature and material that is ephemeral — that if you touch this, it’s going to be changed — lends itself well to the overall context of my work.”

Key The featured works in Arsham Studio You can also find out more about the following: Central Embassy’s BANGKOK 3000 You can also read about Stormtrooper (2023), Bronze Eroded Dog With Hat (2021), Bronze Eroded DeLYou can also find out more aboutean (2021), Amalgamized Venus Italica or Split Venus The year 2022 is a good time to start. Blue Calcite Crystallized Jumping Pikachu (2021).

“When we’re looking at sculpture, we have the visual quality of what the objects can tell us,” Arsham mused. “The material itself can also tell a story, and I think that I’ve really leaned heavily on what the sculptural work I make is produced from and what that story can tell. For example, making something in bronze relates to this kind of historical context, whereas something made in crystal is new and something people aren’t used to seeing.”

Walking The passage is a good example. Arsham Please share more information on the materials used to create each artwork. Stormtrooper The work of the Bronze Eroded DeLorean used bronze, polished stainless-steel and polished bronze as exposed crystals at the scale of 1:3. Speaking More on the interplay between his past and present in his practice Arsham shared: “The patina that I’ve applied to this one reminds us of sculpture from antiquity, something old from the past but then we recognize the car — the DeLorean, which was a future proposition in and of itself, a kind of failed future.”

“The material itself can also tell a story”

Arriving When you are looking for a way to improve your life, consider using Split Venus, the artist stated that this was his first public display of the piece and that he considered it to be one of the most complex pieces he has ever created. Created using a new technique for Arsham, the work, devoid of erosions, combines two different materials, patinaed bronze and polished stainless steel — representing the past and future respectively. “These were some of the most complex works I’ve made to date, when I originally cast this work, I found that during the process, these two materials would shrink at different rates,” He shared. “I had to increase the size of one of the molds to get it to align perfectly, eventually I found a formula to the specific percentage difference between the two and figured it out through trial and error.”

Last Last but not least, let’s arrive at the Crystallized Jumping PikachuThe finish is blue calcite with quartz and hydrostone. Arsham The artist noted that this was the first piece he created when he started his collaboration with the Pokémon Company — with his latest edition, the Seated Pikachu Just recently, the collaboration came to an end. HoweverThe artist shared that he is still in his family. “They’ve replaced the Pokémon logo at the Tokyo headquarters with my eroded Pokémon, which is really dope.”

Curious What a personal relic may look like BhicharnchitrIn response, he said he would pick things that he was around or had grown up with. This includes sports memorabilia. video games and pop culture elements. Arsham’s Work and the reason he is a fan.

In In the same vein we also asked Arsham What specific items are available? Thai From the outside, he has observed that the culture he observes could stand the test and become a future relic. Giving It was only after a short thought that he revealed he found a few amulets whose metalwork and cases were impressive. “That’s the kind of specific cultural thing that I love to find when I’m traveling,” He added.

Established In 2014, Central Embassy The city has established itself as a leading lifestyle destination. BangkokIts commitment to luxury, innovation and quality is its main focus. NotablyThe unique presentation of BANGKOK 3000 The goal is to emphasize the destination’s cultural role by blending art with history and futuristic ideas.

It’s The location is not new to bringing these experiences into the spotlight. Some of the highlights in the last few years have included the 1600 Pandas+ World Tour You can also find out more about the following: ThailandThe installation of a 26 foot KAWS: Best Friend By: Brian Donnelly You can also find out more about the following: All Rights Reserved. AdditionallyIn 2017, Arsham’s Snarkitecture The Lifestyle Center’s ground floor was transformed into an enchanting, dreamy sea of translucent plastic balls. THE BEACH. Other Notable projects include collaborations with MADSAKI artist and towering installations by artists Hajime Sorayama You can also find out more about the following: Azuma Makoto.

“We’ve been here 10 years now, time flies and we’ve got some big plans,” Share this article Bhicharnchitr. Recapping A few highlights, He shared with us. Central Embassy First opened in 2014, the joined Park Hyatt In 2016, the flagship department store was remodeled. Central Chidlom The project is almost complete at the time this article was written. He Also expressed as Central Embassy It is in the process he calls “Phase Two,” The project is expected to be completed by 2029.

In closing, Bhicharnchitr Says that “retail and art are somewhat similar, in the sense that we want to give people ways to express themselves, whether through products or experiences like this immersive showcase,” adding, “Daniel’s work has a lot to do with time and we’re very thankful to him for taking the time to bring his work to Central Embassy for our 10th anniversary.”

Expanding His thoughts on his relationship with Thailand On, Instagram, Arsham You can learn more about this by clicking here. “I first came here when I was 19 years old. I was backpacking all over Southeast Asia. It was a very different time in Bangkok.” He It is important to note that the areas affected by change include Khaosan Road I have seen in the past and there was a completely different feel when he came to visit. However, he did share “I remember the food, I remember the heat, and I remember the impression of the Thai people during that time,” adding, “It’s great to be back here showing my work more than twenty years later in a very different context.

For Visitors to the installation are welcome. BANGKOK 3000 Open from now till July It is comprised of three main landmarks. “Excavation” The space is paired with “Artifacts” The G level has two entryways, one for each site. “Passage.”

Central Embassy
1031 Phloen Chit Road,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

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