Darren Till He may have been busy with his own boxing business in the past SaturdayBut it doesn’t mean that he missed out. Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal.

And The verdict?

I wasn’t impressed, mate,” Till “Said of his fellow UFC Veterans on The MMA Hour. “Just It’s like having fluffy hands. Both Looks like they were not in good physical shape

“But as I said, Masvidal, I fought, he beat me fair and square, and Diaz, I don’t ever like to diss Diaz too much. I’ve always been a fan since [I was] a kid, I think he’s a G of the sport. He’s one of your real ones. Whether you want it in the ring or outside, he’s that guy, and that’s what I respect. So I wasn’t overly [impressed] with the fight, but at the end of the day, mate, it’s still a big fight and I’d love to get some of that pie.”

Diaz Masvidal The pair’s recent sweet-science rematch was won by majority, with the use of his volume and relentless pressure. UFC 244 Loss Masvidal.

TillOn, he made his boxing debut. Saturday. He Mohammad Mutie via second-round TKO at Social Knockout 3 before a chaotic brawl overtook the ring. The entire scene went viral Marking Till’s First combat sports appearance after a December Loss to the future UFC middleweight champ 2022 Dricus du Plessis You can also find out more about the following: Till’s Final octagon fight.

Afterward, Till Boxing matches are called with Jake Paul, Tommy Fury. Mike Perry. He The trio is referred to as “scared cowards” Promised to “f*cking decapitate them” all.

He He dismisses online criticism he received for his callouts by saying that fans don’t understand the game.

“This is the circle we’re all in now, whether people like it or not,” Till said. “Jake Paul. I said this before, this makes me laugh so much — sometimes the trolls and other people are like, ‘OhYou’re inviting a fight Jake Paul.’ And You’d beg to fight someone, right? Jake Paul? LikeHe’s the man. He Is that guy, regardless of whether you like him or not?

“I will say one thing, I know I would beat Jake Paul, I’d knock him flat out, but the guy trains hard, he’s put a lot commitments [into boxing], he’s put a lot of effort. He’s actually changed a few guys’ lives around him, like Amanda Serrano, stuff like that. So this narrative of. ‘You’re begging for a fight. Oh, you’re an ex-[UFC] guy challenging for the title and you’re begging for a fight’ — wouldn’t you, mate? You’re going to make so much f*cking money. So what you’re telling me is, you wouldn’t do it? This is the world these people [live in].”

When Then he asked his favorite among the many choices for his next fight. Till Select a familiar name to focus on.

“This is quite mad because it should be Paul, but I just want to smash Perry in,” Till BKFC’s star said. “I just want to get that little midget and just f*cking give it to him. But now, look, Paul’s The guy. Me You can also find out more about the following: Paul Will you make it? [happen].

“But it’s probably Perry. Paul’s there. Masvidal. Tommy Fury‘s a huge fight; in the UK, you could do that anywhere. You could do it in Liverpool, you could even do it in Anfield.”

Till He reiterated that he did not want to enter bare-knuckle fighting and fight. Perry Then, you can get in touch with us. American’s But they did offer to fight two rounds with them. PerryThe first bout was in boxing, and the second under the BKFC banner.

As For his immediate plans Till Expects to see something in print soon after making the news once again with his return to combat sport.

“I reckon this week I’ll have something in the works,” Till said. “That’s why I’m going to stay active in the gym, I’m going to try and keep my weight down.”

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