DDG, his partner Halle Bailey. and their six-month old son HaloYou are continuing to face the wrath of the internet After the rapper revealed his child’s line-up. This Wave hate and backlash It comes only a few weeks after the couple unveiled the face of their baby boy for the very first time. Them These multi-talented people are not new to taking so long. Halle Bailey’s As much as possible, pregnancy was kept under wraps. When The two decided to share. Halo Some people could not resist the urge to show their family photos in a wholesome way. It DDG went online and said, “It just makes me mad. “But then I have to realize that my son is richer than them and he has a more successful life”.

NowThe Pontiac, Michigan Father of One is now having to answer more trolls for the haircut. According The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: The Shade RoomDDG posted a video. Halo At just six months, he got his first-ever line. He As soon as the barber started to trim the hair, she began to cry. But Papa bear calmed the boy down with a glass and he was fine. Many social media users criticized this decision because they knew how dangerous it could be. Halo’s In the future, hair will be a big deal.

DDG Is Being You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Father To Halo & That’s That

AdditionallyOthers were only slamming DDG for deciding to do this. HoweverDDG, however, was not amused and went into a rage.People I’ve got something to say about my six-month-old son. Listen You all worry about your own children. He I came out of my balls Not yours. Worry About your own baby. Worry About your father Why Your daddy couldn’t pay for a haircut on you? Let DDG: “Me be a happy father”. The Multi-media figures even suggest that Black The majority of people talk about him, but they should instead be happy for his success. “Why y’all always gotta say negative things about your own race? Instead, you should’ve just said the lining is crispy, cause it is, I know”.

What What are your opinions on DDG bringing his six-month-old child home? Halo a lineup? Do Do you agree or disagree with the criticism that has been made on the Internet? Are Do you agree with his response to backlash? We Please leave your comments. AdditionallyKeep it locked up with HNHH Get the latest DDG news. Halle Bailey. FinallyStay with us to find out what else is happening in the world of music.

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