Derrick Lewis Delivered a jaw-dropping blowout to cap off UFC St. Louis On, Saturday Then, seconds later, he performed another show in front of the audience.

Following A back-and forth start to his battle with Rodrigo Nascimento, Lewis Unloading a massive right-hand that blew the Brazilian The third round sent him to the ground. Lewis Continued to throw punches at the referee until he was forced to end the fight. Nascimento Avoid further damage.

The The third round ended at 49 seconds.

As After the fight, Lewis Disrobed by removing his shorts and fanning them Nascimento As he received medical treatment on the canvas, he returned to consciousness. Lewis Then he dropped his underwear and threw his sports cup to the media. St. Louis With a huge smile on his lips, he walked into the crowd.

“I appreciate St. Louis for letting me show my naked ass tonight,” Lewis After the knockout victory, said. “I couldn’t let no taxi cab driver from Brazil beat me. This is my first time ever hearing of that guy. Ain’t no way I could let someone like that beat me.”

Lewis Waste no time in trying to overwhelm Nascimento He immediately came forward and landed an early takedown. Then he worked from the clinch in order to start the first round. Nascimento Eventually, the victim was able to break free. She then had a few heavy punches coming at her. Lewis On the feet

Rather What better way to learn than to exchange punches with an accomplished knockout artist? Nascimento Grabber Lewis He threw him to the ground, where he started raining punches and elbows down. Nascimento The mount was briefly advanced but Lewis The first round was won by the player who bucked off his opponent and finished just before time expired.

On The restart Lewis Headhunting began with large punches to try and decapitate Nascimento Every single shot you throw. Nascimento He was able to weather the storm, but he also allowed Lewis To control the pace and open up an offensive assault.

Late The second round is the final. Nascimento After a lull, the momentum has finally returned. Lewis Slipping allowed him to grab his back and then chip him away with late ground strikes. Through It was anyone’s fight after 10 minutes. Lewis The action was not to be extended.

Lewis Opened the third round by a violent right hand which was followed up with an aggressive combination. Nascimento’s head. He As soon as the building fell to the ground, Lewis Jumping on top of the other person to continue the punishment until the referee ended the fight.

After Spending 25 minutes trapped under the ledge Jailton Almeida His previous outing was a success. Lewis He returned to winning ways on the day with a performance that was his signature. Saturday.

“I’m going to sit my Black ass down for a second. I’m getting too old for this shit,” Lewis When asked what will happen next, joke about it. “I’m in my prime but you didn’t see that shit? You don’t see too many almos 40 year olds doing that shit like that.”

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