An audio clip that not too long ago resurfaced could show that 50 Cent had the drop on the allegations Cassie Ventura accused Diddy of within the bombshell lawsuit they simply settled.

Just in case you missed it, Cassie sued Diddy in a Manhattan federal courtroom on November 16, alleging years of rape and bodily abuse. Among the quite a few violent and disturbing claims outlined within the lawsuit, the allegation Diddy pressured Cassie to have sexual activity with male prostitutes seem like the supply of an almost 13-year-old audio clip that not too long ago resurfaced.

In the clip at present circulating the net, 50 Cent seems to say he was despatched graphic footage of Cassie being “penetrated” by completely different male people.

“Check this out, on the up and up—the n#### Puff (Diddy) used to call, we used to kick it on the phone after the Ma$e s###t and the n###a would be like, matter of fact they sent me the pictures of his girl,” 50 Cent stated partly. “Like not the s### that y’all saw, worse, way worse. Like penetration pictures.”

While it’s unclear when precisely the audio was first launched, the now-viral clip circulating on Twitter claims the audio is from 2010. Check out the complete video that includes the stunning audio of fifty Cent’s alleged name under.

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