A KF-21 fighter aircraft, produced in the United States, was displayed at the Seoul ADEX 2023 event held at Seoul Air Base You can also find out more about the following: Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

With Indonesia Proposing to pay just one-third its share of developing the Korean KF-21 fighter aircraft while requesting a similar amount of transfer technology, all eyes on whether the South Korean This proposal will be accepted by the government. Concerns There are increasing reports that the government may need to spend up to 1 trillion won, depending on the situation.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration This month, the DAPA plans to make a decision on whether or not to accept Indonesia’s The proposal was made because it felt that the KF-21 project would be finished in two years.

At a regular briefing for the press on May 7, Choi KyungDAPA’s spokesperson, -hwan, answered a question regarding whether South Korea Would accept Indonesia’s By saying that the KF-21 is only worth a third, you are proposing to pay a fraction of your share. “The Korean government has been closely cooperating with the Indonesian government regarding the payment of development contributions for the successful development of the KF-21,” Add that “final consultations with the Indonesian side are currently underway.”

In January 2016, Indonesia The KF-21 development costs were 8.8 trillion won. The agreed amount was 1.7 trillion won (later reduced to 1.6 trillion won). June In exchange for receiving technology related to 2026, the recipient will receive it. RecentlyDAPA reported this Indonesia It was proposed that the company pay 600 billion won (one-third of what they originally promised) and receive a reduction in the technology transfer amount by 2026. So far, Indonesia The KF-21 project has been developed at a cost of 380 billion won, with a proposal to pay 220 billion more.

Indonesia The government is behind on nearly 1 trillion won in contributions due to budget shortages. At The end of the last year Indonesia The original payment deadline was 2034. HoweverWhen South Korea The KF-21 project was delayed until 2026, and the KF-21 team expressed their reluctance. Indonesia Must pay the full amount by then Indonesia Counter-proposed only to pay a third by 2026.

If Indonesia’s The proposal has been accepted South Korean The government could be forced to shoulder an extra burden of 1.0 trillion won.

Some Consider that IndonesiaIt has technicians stationed throughout South Korea After allegedly leaking KF-21 data, the company is now under investigation and demands a dramatic reduction in its contribution. After Signing the contribution contract in 2016 Indonesia The company sent technicians to Korea Aerospace Industries The KF-21 was manufactured by KAI. Earlier Some of them have been caught this year trying to leak KF-21 Development Data onto a USB Storage Device. They The investigation is currently underway by South Korean The KF-21 is accused of being stolen by police.

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