Young Thug After an alleged snippet with a. Gunna Two of his sons released the diss.

The The snippet is less than one minute in length and is basically crash-out rap. Young Thug’s In the video, two boys show off their money spreads and smoke on their dead ops. Though While many of the rapid-fire raps of this duo are difficult to understand, one incendiary line is clear.

“And Bentley a rat he keep leaving states/And Gunna get whacked if he don’t leave L.A.,” One of the kids raps to the song.

The The video has been viewed millions of times on sites such as Twitter Users are reacting in different ways to (X), the situation.

“I know thug is disappointed,” Another user commented while one person reacted. “This will be used against him in court. Thug is never getting out!”

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While There’s no way to tell if Young Thug The song’s preview was released at a time when the seeds were particularly seedy. Slime, who finds himself between a stone and a brick wall. He Currently, he is in prison awaiting the possible recusal by the judge who presided over the case.

Young Thug Recently, a tweet that was cryptic on Twitter sparked a lot of speculation. June 26 as a response to a song Lil Baby Raps on his latest feature verse Lil Dann’s track entitled “Family Freestyle.”

“N###as taking pleas, I know that Slime ain’t happy,” Lil Baby Raps in the song

In A quote with a short clip of the song. Thug wrote, “whateva wham say goes.” Although Fans went on a frenzy in response to his lack of context. “Wham” It is a good idea to use a bilingual translator Lil Baby’s nickname.

Prior Earlier this year, there were incidents similar to those mentioned above Gunna It was suggested that get and Thug were in good standing. Thug’s Dad actually showed up at the concert to welcome him home. Atlanta Last month after Gunna Several people have claimed to be the victims of a slanderous claim “misled” What is the situation? April.

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