In A roundabout way is one of Doja Cat’s Unspoken desires may have just been granted. The “F*ck The Girls” rapper’s X TwitterThe account of ) appears to have been compromised by “Crypto Bros.”

Back You can also find out more about the following: March, Doja Cat Announced her hiatus from social mediaDue to constant criticism, they have expressed concerns about their mental health. But She returned shortly afterwards to tease “Masc.” Today (July 8), Doja Cat She took to her official Instagram Page to confirm her recent posts on X was not her.

“My Twitter’s been hacked,” She wrote. “These messages are not from me.”


The Several of the messages she sends to her followers encourage them to invest in crypto.

Other The uploads contain shady messages directed at her rumored music foes. Iggy Azalea You can also find out more about the following: Nicki Minaj. Ironically, Azalea She almost found herself in a feud with SZA After she promoted another cryptocurrency on her page, May.

The The fun of hackers didn’t end there They also used their control over the account to promote another musician — Weiland.

“Weiland motivates me to chase the bag,” The hacker wrote: “Doja cat’s music is demonic.”

Doja Cat The social media breach doesn’t seem bothersome to him. In In fact, she may give up the platform altogether.

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