Yesterday (July 4), Kendrick Lamar Dropped the official music videos for chart-topping “diss track”Not Like Us.” But If you stopped to think for a minute, Drake You might end up with a smear of egg on your face if you duck and hide.

One One of the biggest cultural events in the world. Essence FestivalCould be the “First Person ShooterRapper’s ticket to public acceptance Well, Birdman Yes, we do. Starting Tonight (Saturday)July The festival’s evening concerts will feature some of the biggest names in music, with an emphasis on New Orleans natives.

In Exclusive chat with People, Birdman Teased that not just will his performance commemorate later the 30th anniversary Cash Money RecordsHe is planning a surprise party for a number of guests, including Drake.

“Everybody you’re thinking of as far as Cash Money [will be there],” He said. “A lot of people that started with me when we was young in the game. It’s going to be a great night.”

Although Drake OVO Records is his own label SoundHis start in music is due to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records Imprint and by extension, Birdman. With Lil Wayne’s Heart set on headlining Super Bowl 2025 The following are some examples of how to use New OrleansThis could be the epic comeback for Drake From rap’s most talked-about beef.

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