The bad breaks continue for Drake. The There are many pictures of the bruises and bumps that the rapper has suffered in the music business. In In the sporting world, he’s not faring much better. The 6 God Bet $500K on the Dallas Mavericks NBA FinalsAnd lost. He lost another $500K The newest way to get the best of your day Edmonton Oilers Then, you can get in touch with us. Stanley Cup. The Drake The curse has struck again. The The rapper has lost yet another massive amount of cash July 9.

Drake His confidence in him was evident. Canadian The day before, the soccer team will be cleared. He A betting slip was posted on his Facebook page. Instagram StoryHe said that he took betting odds of 9,6 to 1 that his team would win. Argentina Then, you can get in touch with us. Copa America game. He You can win as much as $2.88m with just $300k. Drake I couldn’t help but make fun of them. Argentina’s star, Lionel Messi. “This could get Messi,” He wrote on his ticket. One After all, it’s reasonable to assume that he was not in a good mood. Canada Loss Argentina By a score of 2 to 1.

Drake Has Lost Multiple Sports Bets In 2024

Drake The avid supporter has been Canadian Football has been played for years. He The music video includes footage of soccer games being played. “Started from the Bottom” In 2013, More Recently, the rapper hyped the FIFA World Cup The 2026 World Cup will be held at his hometown. Toronto. “Canada as a whole, we have an incredible melting pot,” He told FIFA President Gianni Infantino. “But in Toronto, there are just so many different cultural experiences. So when the world comes, it’s going to be beautiful.” He There was also a claim that “no passion like football passion.”

The Drake In recent years, it has been hard for the rappers to get rid of curse. The The storybook that runs Toronto Raptors The 2019 had quelled some criticisms regarding DrakeThe severe losses he has taken on major sporting occasions in 2024 brought the “curse” Retaliate with a fury. It Doesn’t Help That Kendrick Lamar On his scathing critique, he accused the rapper of gambling addiction “Meet the Grahams” diss. “You got gamblin’ problems, drinkin’ problems, pill-poppin’ and spendin’ problems,” Lamar raps. “Bad with money.”

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