Drake Has seen better days The Toronto Rapper has been declared as the loser in the Grammy Awards Kendrick Lamar Battle by the general hip-hop community To To make matters worse his property has been subject to bizarre breaches. His OVO store in London The vandalism occurred last week. Then. Toronto Security Report two trespassers On his estate within two days. The Property saga continues May 10 Drake Decided to put his Beverly Hills The house is on the market.

The TMZ reports that rapper relisted his estate last Thursday. The This sprawling property has 20 acres of land, 24,000 sq. ft. of living space, and 7 bedrooms. It It doesn’t end there Drake’s Former house has 22 bathrooms, and an incredible 11-car garage.

The The main part of the home is so large that it is actually separate from guest space. It The man who created this masterpiece has lavished it with every detail. “God’s Plan.” The Property also comes at a hefty price. Drake Currently, he is selling his Beverly Hills Home for $88 Million

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Drake Is Listing His Former Home For $88 Million

This It is not the First Time Drake Has tried to sell the Beverly Hills property. He It was on sale with a price similar to that of the original in May 2023. The Los Angeles Times The rapper paid an initial $75 million for the property, which is twice as much as the previous owner paid. (The The previous owner of the property was a UK singer Robbie Williams).

Drake Live in the city Southern California He lived in the area of the 2010s and was neighbors with people like Justin Bieber You can also read about the Kardashian family. It During this period, it was in fact that Drake’s Fight with Kardashian Family member Kanye West The highest point in history. The Two men were supposed record a joint CD together in 2016. West’s Comments about negative remarks Drake The album was put away on the shelf. Both Men were then relocated. Based On the Fact West dropped a remix In 2024 Drake Diss “Like That,” You can safely assume they’re still out.

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