OneThe suicide drones have destroyed an ammunition depot in the vicinity of Sergiyevka The following are some examples of how to use Russia’s Voronezh region.

The The attack took place overnight, and a large cache of small arms ammunition, artillery rounds, missiles and artillery shells were destroyed.

The Governor You can also find out more about the following: Voronezh region, Alexander GusevThe claim was that the drones had been shot down but the fragments landed on the “explosive objects” Detonation is triggered by the presence of explosives within the depot. Gusev Did not specify the number drones involved.


MeanwhileThe Russian Ministry You can also find out more about the following: Defense No drone interceptions were reported in the Voronezh region. They However, they did confirm that an aircraft had been shot down over the Belgorod region.

Local Residents reported hearing an explosion, followed by detonations that continued throughout the night. The The smoke plume can be seen for several kilometers.

This The ammunition depot is an important supply point. Russian Armed forces involved in combat operations Ukraine. The Loss of this facility can have a major impact on their logistics capabilities.

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