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A federal judge in California The lawsuit was dismissed by Elon Musk’s X against Israel’s Bright DataIn a case involving the scraping and appropriate use of online public data,

X, formerly Twitter, sued Bright DataThe company is accused of a number of things “scrapes data from X” And sells it “using elaborate technical measures to evade X Corp.’s anti-scraping technology.” X also claimed that the company infringed on its copyright and terms of services.

Data Scraping is when automated programs search publicly accessible websites for data. This can be used to train artificial intelligence models or target online ads. The In the U.S., it is generally legal to scrape publicly available data. 2022 The ruling ended a long legal battle involving LinkedIn.

X sought damages of more than $1 million from unknown defendants in the past. “unlawfully scraping data associated with Texas residents,” According to a suit This was filed in Dallas County.

In Rejecting the complaint Judge William Alsup wrote, “X Corp. wants it both ways: to keep its safe harbors yet exercise a copyright owner’s right to exclude, wresting fees from those who wish to extract and copy X users’ content.”

Giving social networks complete control over the collection and use of public web data “risks the possible creation of information monopolies that would disserve the public interest,” The judge wrote. He Add that X is not “looking to protect X users’ privacy,” What was it? “happy to allow the extraction and copying of X users’ content so long as it gets paid.”

A representative from X did NOT immediately respond to a question for comment.

Meta A complaint was filed against Bright Data It was also unsuccessful.

Bright Data The company stated in a statement sent via email that it has won many victories over Meta X will show you the public information on the internet “belongs to all of us, and any attempt to deny the public access will fail.”

“What is happening now is unprecedented, the implications impact general business, research, AI and beyond,” The company claimed.

Bright Data says it only scrapes publicly available data that’s visible to anyone without a login. At X provided the information at the time the lawsuit was filed Bright Data Scraped is available to everyone.

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