Erica Mena As a child, I always wanted a time machine. Safaree reveals true feelings for ex Nicki Minaj.

During Recent appearances on the We In Miami Podcast, the rapper-turned-reality-star discussed his split with Barbz. When Asked about the biggest obstacle that he has faced since they split, he replied as follows: “I was with Nicki, we broke up. So her fans and certain people wanted it to be like, ‘okay, they’re not together anymore… f*** him. Let him be nothing, let him disintegrate, let him disappear.”

He continued: “I had two of the biggest people in the world against me,” The term “seen” is used to refer to a person or thing. “FTCU” Rapper and her former boyfriend Meek Mill. “That made everybody be against me. Nobody wanted to be next to me. Nobody wanted to work with me. It just made everything hard. That was a dark time for me.”

“10 years later, 10-15 TV shows later… I’m still here. Some people don’t like that,” He added.

After Catching wind of the remarks “The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” The star who shares two children Safaree, Safire Majesty, and Legend Brian SamuelsThe situation embarrassed her.

“I will FOREVER be embarrassed I gave sis these incredible beautiful babies,” She commented on Instagram. “He don’t even talk or care about his seeds this much online or in real life.”

Nicki You can also find out more about the following: Safaree They were a couple for more than ten years before they called it quits in 2014 Later The Pink Friday 2 Artist finds love again Kenneth PettyWeddings in 2019

SafareeAlso, tying the knot with Mena The same year. HoweverLess than two years in to their marriage, the couple began to have problems. “Love & Hip Hop” power couple. In 2021, Mena The couple filed for divorce in 2022 and their marriage was officially over.

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