The Both tails and both Asiana You can also find out more about the following: Korean Air The tarmac at an airport is emblazoned in the colors of each company.

The European Union The decision of the European Union to approve a Korean Airlines-Asiana Airlines The airline industry is paying more attention to the merger that is rapidly approaching. While Although many experts think that the approval will come with conditions, no formal decision has been made, so both airlines are on edge.

According Sources in the airline industry Feb. 12 The EU competition authorities are expected to announce the results of their Korean Air-Asiana Airlines Review of mergers Feb. 14 (local time). In A notice posted on their website stated their proviso deadline for approval of the merger. Feb. 14.

Industry Insiders predict that EU competition authorities will make a decision on conditional approval. As Many of them believed that the road to the merger was rocky as recently as mid-2023. The EU competition authorities expressed concern about the merger as well, citing the possible restriction of competition in the freight sector and on certain routes. In June The merger review was suspended in 2023. It stated that the marriage of two airlines would increase the competition on the passenger and cargo transportation market. European routes. Passenger The EU Competition Authorities were particularly concerned about routes between Paris, Frankfurt, Rome You can also find out more about the following: Barcelona You can also find out more about the following: Incheon. Korean Air The review has been restarted after the submission of various remedial actions.

Things What has changed since Asiana AirlinesBoard of Directors approved a proposal to spin off the cargo business. November 2023. The Two airlines sent remedial actions to EU competition authorities who then resumed merger review. HoweverIt cannot be excluded that final outcomes may be delayed. The Once in the past, EU competition authorities have delayed a decision on merger approval. July By 2023. At When the EU competition authorities claimed that vital information was missing, they asked Korean Air Please provide additional information.

If The EU will approve the merger and the only remaining party is the United States. However. Many experts believe the airlines’ significant share on KoreaThe U.S. authorities will demand corrections if you use routes in the U.S. According Sources in the airline industry Korean Air, Asiana Airlines. Delta Air Lines More than 80 percent of the KoreaAir service market in the United States Incheon International Airport In 2023, The Korea Fair Trade Commission Considerations Korean Air You can also find out more about the following: Delta They are considered one carrier for the purposes of determining if competition is restricted. KoreaAfter signing a joint-venture agreement in 2018, -U.S. route.

Japan. United Kingdom, ChinaOther countries had demanded different remedial measures following the merger. Korean Air Recently, seven routes have been relegated to other slots. Japan After the merger. The Slots include those from Seoul You can also find out more about the following: Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya. Fukuoka From Busan You can also find out more about the following: Osaka, Sapporo. FukuokaThe low-cost carrier’s services, as well as those of the new Japanese If you want these routes, then let the entrants know.

Meanwhile, Korean Air There are 14 countries where merger notifications have been filed with the competition authorities. These include the EU, United States, Turkey, Taiwan, ThailandThe Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, ChinaThe U.K. Japan – to absorb Asiana Airlines You can also find out more about us on our website. Jan. 14, 2021. Twelve Countries including Japan They have cleared the merger, or closed the review by saying that notification and review of the merger are not required.

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