National Rally Has come third in second round voting France’s Exit polls reveal the results of the parliamentary elections.

Marine Le Pen’s The far-right was predicted to be the dominant force French The Politics of Following President Emmanuel Macron’s The decision is made to conduct a quick poll.

But The left-wing New Popular Front According to polls, the coalition won the majority of seats in the second round of voting for parliamentary elections.

An IFOP estimated for broadcaster TF1 reported the New Popular Front The second round of voting could see the NFP win between 180 and 215 seats in Parliament, while the an Ipsos poll for France TV predicted that the left-wing group would hold 172-215 of the seats.

President Emmanuel Macron’s The centrist group is said to have narrowly beaten National Rally (RN).

After RN was voted the winner of the first round in the parliamentary election. Centrist and leftist groups agreed to withdraw 221 candidate, including 83 candidates from President Macron’s There are 132 candidates in the NFP and camp, to avoid run-offs.

Supporters Left wing France Unbowed Party celebrate the exit polls Paris. Pic: Reuters

Jean-Luc MelenchonWho is the leader of the left-wing party? France Unbowed The NFP, which is a part of it, said that the exit projections are an “immense relief for a majority of people in our country”.

“We saved the Republic,” he added: “The New Popular Front is ready to govern.”

“And. after all, it’s the only alternative which has got a very organised programme and a very detailed programme.”

Jordan Bardella. President National Rally, said: “We’ve been thrown into the arms of the extreme left and of Jean-Luc Melenchon.”

He The coalitions formed to counter RN’s victory in the first round were said to have been detrimental “paralysed” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. French Politics system Mr Macron The following are some of the most common questions that people ask. “pushed the country towards uncertainty and instability”.

“I know how many millions of French people must be frustrated,” He added.

Mr Macron’s “Office” is a term used to describe a person’s office. “The president, as guarantor of our institutions, will respect the choice of the French people.”

It He said he had been analysing results and was waiting to see the complete picture.

If The exit polls are accurate. France The country is headed for a divided parliament with three large groups.

Unless If the left strikes deals with other parties it is possible to experience a period of instability.

Jordan Bardella, president of National Rally. Pic: Reuters
Jordan BardellaPresident of National Rally. Pic: Reuters

The NFP is a left-wing political alliance that has been around for just a little over a month.

It Launched on 10 June Response to Emmanuel Macron The call for an immediate election.

It comprises La France Insoumise (France UnbowedThe Socialist Party, Les EcologistesThe French Communist Party, Generations, Place PubliqueThe leftist parties and groups include.

France Unbowed Is the NFP the largest party?

Although The NFP is without an official leader Mr Melenchon It is generally believed that the person closest to this is.

Prior Polls have predicted that voters would vote. National Rally Who would win the most seats? National AssemblyIt was predicted to fall short of a majority, but it also fell short.

Voter The interior ministry reported that the turnout was 59.71% at 5pm local time, up from 38.11% during the last election held in 2022.

It It has been an explosive campaign with over 50 candidates reporting physical attacks.

More More than 30,000 police officers deployed on the voting day.

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