The Soviet Union There have been 456 nuclear tests conducted at Semipalatinsk The effects on the local population and environment of the policies implemented from 1949 until 1989 were ignored. The The full impact of radioactivity was not known for many years. Soviet It has only recently been brought to the attention of authorities since the site was closed in 1991. According The following are estimates Kazakh Experts estimate that 1.5 million people have been exposed to fallout in the past. We talked to several residents about their experiences, and created a film that depicts life in the area between the 1980s and 90s. 

Screening at Vesoul International Film Festival You can also find out more about the following: Asian Cinema

MelisThe father of a young boy who was born with no legs lives with his son Zhalgas In a small village in Kazakhstan, close to the above-mentioned test site. The Villagers, however, live peacefully under the instructions from the Soviet Union. Zhalgas A drunken friend of his tries to help him find a bride, but he is unable to do so. Melis Brings him a beautiful woman from next village. GulnarYou must sleep with him. The It is not a good end for anyone. Melis You can also find out more about the following: Gulnar They seem to be getting along well. At There is a point. Melis’s Body becomes synonymous with nuclear weapons tests. This The village is ablaze with rage after a shocking revelation.

Kenzhebek Shaikakov The film uses a documentary-like approach to show a life which could be easily described as utopian. This is true both of the setting and the lack of escape for the locals. At To balance the dark tone, he used a variety of characters that are symbols. The ‘village lunatic” who just roams around screaming definitely symbolizes the cry for help from the locals, while the presence of the all-in-red and fancy Dulgar The symbolism is not as easy to understand, but it is still quite pleasing to the eye. The Effort Zhalgas His best friend will find a woman for him Melis Adds a sense of humor, though drama is the main element in the story. 

At The narrative is a bit tiresome to follow, as the filmmaking style seems outdated. This This is the biggest flaw of the film. It makes it seem like it’s longer than 98 minutes. 

On On the other hand Epkin Zhenis’s cinematography captures the dystopian setting in impressive fashion, particularly in the exterior shots, while the visual approach overall, including the ‘women in red’ and the red scarfs the boys wear works quite well. FurthermoreThe way the Soviet Union This accusation, which is quite strong, is eloquent. The It is a bitter irony, but the children are happy that the test is taking place because of school closures. 

Lastly, As well as MelisThe portrayal of, a real crippled actor throughout the film, is particularly impressive, especially in how he insists on not being treated as a person with a disability, which is also reflected in his son. 

“Scream” The storyline and structure could have been better, but its other elements make it a very interesting movie, especially for this relatively unknown period of history. 

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