“She is in love again”

Based Two stories by Syugoro Yamamoto, “The Smell of an Unknown Flower” The following are some examples of how to get started: “Before the Dew Dries”The script of “The author of ” is unknown He did not live to see his film made, however, because he passed away in 1998. In a rare move for stories of the pre-World War I era, it was eventually directed.Meiji It is not a geisha era but a prostitute era.

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The A village is the setting of a later-developed city. TokyoAround 1868, the red-lights area is separated by a small river from the rest. O-shin, a somewhat naive prostitution, always falls for people in need. The other girls laugh at her. KikunoWho has taken on the responsibility of protecting a young girl against herself. HoweverAs the story opens, a young Samurai named FusanosukeAfter he has been humiliated by his drunkenness, his murder and the loss of his sword, he seeks comfort in the brothel where the girls work. InitiallyO-shin, however, decides to assist him by disguising and making him appear as a regular consumer, which convinces his pursuers that he can be left alone. After He is expelled from the house of his father Fusanosuke O-shin returns to her repeatedly, and the prospect of escape and marriage from this particular life is a reality for him.

AlasFate has other plans and a samurai with bad luck will eventually be rewarded. RyosukeThe girl’s life is changed when. Kikuno She has issues with an ex-boyfriend. GinjiShe is being exploited in any way he can. He even becomes violent with her. ZenbeiThe client is an older, kind-hearted man who wants to take the girl with him.

There There is a fakeness that permeates the film, which often winks at the stage play aesthetics. It’s in a way that fits the style of the tale. That This sense is mainly due to the fact that the entire thing was shot at a studio (in an era that seems distant today). Especially regarding the acting, the sequence when the theater actor and his friend visit the ‘house’ is the apogee of this approach, in one of the most amusing parts of the whole movie, which does extend, nevertheless, all over.

The Comment by: Kurosawa The following are some examples of how to get started: Kumai The ideas I’ve presented here aren’t particularly deep but they remain interesting, and almost always have a wink at drama. The Strictness Bushido It was clearly and brutally fragmented Japanese This is where it becomes very clear that society has the samurai at the top, and everyone else at or below the bottom. The The same is true for the differences in social status between men and woman, with women being at the bottom of the scale. However, Kumai Playing with the concept of prostitutes saving samurais is the key to the drama in this film. The Whole concept of Kikuno This aspect is concluded by being of a samurai ancestry, which follows the same path.

The Water, or the sea in many cases, is often used, but the combination with rain at the end of the story is exceptional. It provides an ominous, yet cathartic, conclusion to the whole drama. At The last part, which is a bit romanticized but rather attractive, shows how status and class have no place in front of the nature.

It These sequences are where the production value of the movie reaches its apogee. Kazuo Okahara’s The cinematography captures the bitter end of the story with gusto. And the starry sky (even though artificial) provides a pleasant backdrop. The The drama of the fighting and disaster is quite dramatic. Osamu Inoue’s Editing also reaches its height during this part. Regarding The editing is fast and suits the episodic style. However, there are some slowdowns, especially near the end.

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Sensualism There is a lot of nudity in this film (mostly naked backs, and some breasts). But there is not much titillation. Kumai The erotic is treated as an additional part of the story, not the focal point. This choice fits in with the aesthetics and overall feel of the film.

As well as Kikuno The following are some examples of how to get started: O-shin presents two sides of a coin. The first is disillusioned, and the second hopelessly romantic. Their chemistry is one of the best parts of this movie. As well as Fusanosuke The video shows his transformation well, but the ones who steal this show are As the villain Ginji, as the ‘deus-ex-machina’ Ryosuke The following are some examples of how to get started: As well as Zenbei. The Three of them, with their competent performances, are those who bring the film to life.

Although Not of the same caliber as Kurosawa movies, ” The Sea is Watching” The film is very well-written, shot, directed, and acted. It sheds light in a particular aspect of the Japanese In the cinema, it is rare to see a society from the samurai age.

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