Jacksonville, Fla. Rapper Foolio It is a good idea to use shot and killed The following are some examples of how to use Tampa, Fla. On June 23. HoweverSince his death, the poet’s Instagram account Has been alive with strange posts and comments.

Foolio’s Instagram Page Hacked?

Things started getting strange on June 28. Foolio’s Instagram The account commented on the post of the rapper’s enemy Yungeen Ace. After Ace He shared a video clip for his latest song “Game Over,” What many people mistakenly believe is a Foolio dissA comment was posted by Foolio’s Instagram Account with a trash-emoji.  In A follow-up trolling message Foolio’s Account added cap and popcorn Emojis. The Comments eventually caught the eye of Ace Who replied? “You still f**kin with me dude [two tears of joy emojis] I love you 4VA [two fingers crossed emoji].”

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Instagram Video Suggests Resurrection

Another Posthumously posted IG posts Foolio’s Account on Monday (July The tone of the story takes a more morbid turn. The IG Story Clips Foolio’s Face photoshopped onto body of wrestler The Undertaker He performs the famous “rising from the casket” act during his 2005 match with Heidenreich. The The video captions are available. “My grandma does Voodoo.”

It appears either Foolio’s Account has been hacked, or someone in his team has taken control of his account. XXL The message has been received Foolio’s Instagram Account for comments

Foolio’s Unsolved violent murders continue to occur. The Rapper celebrated his 26th Birthday in Tampa When he was shot dead while sitting in his car outside, Holiday Inn Where he was hosting an B-day party. Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercawd You can learn more about this by clicking here. guaranteed arrests will be made For the Killing

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Check Strange things are happening Instagram Since then, there have been posts on the internet. Foolio’s death below.

See Foolio’s Posthumous Instagram Posts

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