The The election results will result in a divided parliament, with three large groups of radically different parties and no history of working together.

President Emmanuel Macron The president called an election immediately after his party was defeated. European Parliament Elections last month.

The Leftist alliance which brings together the hard left Socialists You can also find out more about the following: GreensThe pollsters predicted that, who had been at odds over the years, would win between 172 and 215.

These Projections are generally reliable.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal A speech is delivered in Paris, France On, Sunday. Photo: Reuters

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal Say on Sunday He will offer his resignation Macron On, Monday morning. If If his resignation is rejected, he said, he is ready to stay in the office “as long as duty demands”With the Paris Olympics Set to start in three weeks

The The result was humiliation MacronIt was predicted that, whose center-right alliance he formed to underpin his 2017 presidential campaign, would come in second place with between 150-180 votes.

The RN received 115 – 155 seats.

Cries The NFP gathering in ‘Anzac Day’ was a time of great joy and relief, with tears of joy and relief flowing from the attendees. Paris When the estimate was announced. At You can also find out more about the following: GreensThe activists at the headquarters screamed in joy and hugged each other.

“I’m relieved. As a French-Moroccan, a doctor, an ecologist activist, what the far-right was proposing to do as a government was craziness,” The 34-year-old Hafsah Hachad.

There There was a stunned silence at the RN Party headquarters as members of the party checked their smartphones.

A woman is holding a sign with the words in French “Racism is not an opinion, it is a crime” She is waiting for the results from the second round. French Elections for the legislature in Nantes, France On, Sunday. PhotoAP
Investors worried about the state will likely be concerned by the NFP’s victory. France’s Public finances The Group has promised a major rise in public expenditure, an increase in minimum wage and a reduction in retirement age. Measures that would trigger a major confrontation with the European Union.

Even If the group lacks the votes necessary to govern alone, they will probably demand new expenditure commitments. Macron Form a new administration.

The Projections offer some vindication Macron’s Call to dissolve the parliament after a crushing defeat Le Pen’s Party last month. He The decision was widely criticized after his party came in third place in the first round voting of last week. Le Pen Seize the initiative.

France Unbowed Leading a new generation of leaders Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Sunday The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Macron We must accept defeat and ask the NFP for a new government.

Macron The current analysis of the election results is being carried out by the government, which will then wait to see the final picture in parliament before making the next decision. French Presidency Say on Sunday. “The president, as guarantor of our institutions, will respect the choice of French people,” Addition of the statement

French President Emmanuel Macron The second round of legislative voting was greeted with a warm welcome by supporters. Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, Northern France On, Sunday. Photo: Pool AP

Macron After his party was thrashed in the elections, he dissolved the lower chamber and called for a snap election. European elections.

The The past week has seen an increase in the number of attempts to activate the so-called Republican Front – an arrangement in which mainstream parties strategically pull candidates from certain races to bolster anti-National Rally votes. Macron’s The anti-party withdrew candidates from runoff elections where they had little or no chance of winning to avoid splitting the antiLe Pen vote. The New Popular Front The withdrawal of 130.

France The government cannot afford to increase spending in order to satisfy dissatisfied citizens, as it is already trying to control the budget deficit. The European Commission Last month the country was put in a Special Procedure for Violations of Deficit Rules. It could be difficult to limit efforts and implement ambitious spending plans within EU regulations.

The euro fell on Sunday After exit polls indicated a hung Parliament. Europe’s Single currency last fell by 0.3 per cent to US$1.08, but volumes were low as early trading continued. Asia got under way. It The yen, sterling and euro all fell.

France’s CAC 40 Index Has been the worst performer of major European Stock indexes since Macron The snap election was called last month. A metric for bond-market risks reached its highest levels since the sovereign-debt crisis at the peak.

Stocks Last week, the market rallied after the first-round voting eased concerns about an extreme-right government. Overall, there is less stress on the markets.

StillThe CAC 40 has fallen by approximately 4 per cent from its previous levels. June Call for 9 snap elections The Premium that Investors Demand to Hold French Government bonds are over German The spread between the two is less than 70 basis point, well below the peak of 85 basis points that was reached after the announcement of the election but still above the 50 basis point level from early. June.

Additional Reporting by Bloomberg, Agence France-Presse

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