This The result is perhaps the biggest shock in the history French elections. Nobody It was predicted by the pollsters or public, but not the politicians.

France The answer to this question, or that fact alone, doesn’t cover a second important issue. The Uncertainty still covers the country.

An The election, which was supposed to provide clarity, has had the exact opposite effect. What A confused picture is ahead, marked by political impasse, public anger, long-standing rivalries and a multitude of unanswered question.

What’s It is clear that the French Three factions will make up the new parliament.

‘Absolute shock’ in French election – follow latest

The A left-wing coalition called the New Popular Front. The Centrist group coalesces behind President Emmanuel MacronThe runner-up spot has been a surprise. And You can also find out more about the following: Rassemblement National The party that was predicted by almost everyone to be the largest, (RN), came in third.

There There is no love between these two groups. In In fact, the likelihood of forming a coalition is difficult to predict, as there are many people who dislike each other.

MacronFor example, has been contemptuous towards Jean-Luc MelenchonThe leader of the largest left-wing party, just as Macron has disdain for Le Pen. The The rest of the Left-wing Coalition has turned its back on MelenchonAfter he made offensive comments about Israel The following are some examples of how to get started: GazaBut they need his support as well. So When you are looking for a way to improve your finances, then look no further than Melenchon Now demands that his leadership group, that’s far from simple. His coalition partners for example, won’t accept Melenchon as prime minister. So Who would be the next to get this job? Nobody knows.

All The left-wing parties are united in their opposition to the RN. They have even joined forces with the coalition of centrists to implement a plan that will help them defeat the RN as widely as possible. Even On the right there is disagreement. Republicans They are divided between those who support a coalition with the RN, and those that would rather resign instead of helping. Marine Le Pen.

Supporters You can also find out more about the following: French far-left. Pic: Reuters

It It is a stomping ground of divisive, visceral anger. MacronAfter suffering a crushing defeat in the European Elections is widely disliked and derided “the president for the rich”. But The coalition between the left and the centre seems to have worked.

Many people predicted that the RN would win the majority in the second round, following their victory. Jordan Bardella, Le Pen’s 28-year-old protégé, installed as prime minister.

NowThis has been shattered. France Has turned against the RN PerhapsThis is perhaps what you are looking for. Macron To give something away French Trust that the public will be enraged by the idea of a RN-led government.

The The question is: If? Bardella’s The chance to become prime minister is gone. Melenchon Who gets the job if it’s not palatable? And Nobody knows

There No guide, no mechanism of reassurance.

Gabriel AttalAcolyte Macron It is possible that the person who was appointed prime minister this year will continue in his position until something else happens. But In the absence of any coalition, his ability to influence or do anything would be lower than before. Which It was, in fact, almost zero.

It Public interest is indicative of a turbulent period.

The The turnout was highest in decades. This was largely due to the way the RN polarised opinion. Many More voters, it appears, came to the polling booths in this second ballot with the explicit desire to stop France The country has elected its first far-right Government since the Second World War.

Take Etienne. We Meet as he emerges moments after dropping his vote into the transparent box, from a voting station in the 6th district. He’s He is a 31-year-old filmmaker who says he worries about the future.

“My grandfather fought against fascists, so I won’t accept the Rassemblement National,” He tells me he promises to “take to the streets” Protest if the RN takes power. “We are really fighters. I will defend multiculturalism.”

Another Woman smiling unmistakably Parisienne, when I ask about the RN, she frowns and says that she is “scared” The party and anxiety about it Bardella. “If they win, I would feel miserable and frightened, because he looks like he’s very clean, but inside I don’t know who he is.”

ParisThe RN has been rejected by a large majority. But this is only another fault created by the election.

Bardella The following are some examples of how to get started: Le Pen The rural areas of the country, the north-east, the north-west and all over the country are a huge source of support for the movement. Just Take a look at other countries where populist politics has thrived. HungaryThere is a schism, for example, between the politics in the large cities and those of the rest of the nation.

What What happens next can be difficult to predict.

FranceThe world’s richest and most powerful nation, is in flux.

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