At The year 2024 Olympic Games You can also find out more about the following: Paris This summer, KENZO Will outfit the French Judo Team In custom designs that evoke the sport’s history Japanese origins. Supporting The squad, creative director Nigo Dreamt up KimonoThe suits are based on those seen in the House’s Fall/Winter 2023 runway.

“The Kimono is a garment that underwent various changes since its creation in Japan in the 8th century,” KENZO stated in a press release. “At its peak during the Edo era — characterized by economic growth, national stability and enjoyment of the arts — regardless of the wearer’s age, gender or social status, it is still worn during Japan’s significant events as a reminder of the country’s core culture.”

The The world of judo has also seen a number of changes to the garment. Over The sport has changed the traditional lighter design for thicker materials in order to maximize grip. AdditionallyThe silhouette is now longer and more voluptuous to encourage free movement. Japanese practice.

Here, Nigo’s “East-meets-West” Translation of the Kimono Celebrate the team’s success on the largest stage in sports. Both The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. French Olympic You can also find out more about the following: Paralympic KENZO judo uniforms will be worn for all team members Kimono Several official events across the country were attended by a suit. Summer Games. Take Take a look at this design gallery.

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