As You can also find out more about the following: DemocratsThe difficulties of the United States The left has a lot of work to do. Biden’s Age and apparent failure to convince public of his worth mental fitness This is a major part of the issue. But Mixed message? Democrats Have been sending out messages about what and who they truly represent.

This It is a common problem among other left-wing parties. As Thomas Piketty As the recent election has shown, many leftist parties are no longer rooted in their working-class roots and have turned towards the educated class. The The left is still struggling to find a new identity that fits with current realities. How Should they reposition?

Should They focus on redistribution as the NFP does France appears to have done? Should They uphold fiscal responsibility like the UK Labour Party? Should they embrace industrial policies à la BidenWhat is the purpose of? How Should they address issues like immigration, environment, or transgender right, where the cultural elite holds very different views than the general public?
Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer A selfie taken with the CEO Martin Linden The staff at the Window Supply Company You can also find out more about the following: Bathgate, West LothianTo campaign on Labour’s Plans to boost job growth and employment across ScotlandOn June 21. PhotoAP

If To regain strength in politics, the left must go back to its roots. It must once again represent working-class interests.

This Focusing on secure, good-paying jobs that are productive for those without a degree. The The increase in economic instability is a concern. erosion of the middle class Right-wing populism grew in part because of the disappearance of jobs, especially good ones, in regions that were lagging. Only The left can only present a viable alternative by reversing the trends.

The Old strategies are no longer effective. Unionised Workers in manufacturing became the mainstay of leftist support in the decade following World War II. They They also formed the basis of the middle classes. TodayManufacturing employs a smaller and smaller share of US workers. Europe. The Services employ the majority of workers.

When Biden The first term of office began in January By 2021, manufacturing employment in the US will have dropped to 8.5%. TodayIt is still below 8,2 percent, despite the administration’s efforts. efforts to revitalise manufacturing. Some European Countries like Germany, which have higher manufacturing employment shares, but all of these countries have seen their manufacturing employment decline over the years.
Parties The left has not fully accepted this reality. None When it comes to the future of jobs, their discussion about reshoring (moving jobs back home), competitiveness, digitization, and green transition seems realistic. Nor You can also read about how to get started. protectionism against China. Strategies The focus on manufacturing is less appealing to politicians when the vast majority of workers don’t work in manufacturing, and have no realistic prospects for employment there.


Could The EU’s relationship with the US will change if there is a shift to its far right. China?

Could The EU’s relationship with the US will change if there is a shift to its far right. China?

Redistributive Policies also have their problems. There It is important to make tax systems progressive by increasing the tax rates on top earners. Higher Social transfers and improved social insurance could help, particularly in the US where social safety nets are still weak.

But The income transfer does not compensate the workers for the loss in dignity and social recognition associated with the disappearance good jobs. Nor Do they fix the social and community breakdown that occurs when factories close down or move to other places?

What the left needs, then, is a credible programme of creating good, productive jobs throughout the economy – especially in lagging regions and for workers without a university education. The A typical target for such a program is not an auto worker or a steelworker but rather a retail or care worker.

MoreoverThe program must put innovation that is friendly to the workforce at its core. Boosting To increase productivity and wages for workers with less education, it is necessary to innovate in the areas of organisation and technology. Unlike Automating and using other technologies that save labour, workers-friendly innovations allow them to do more complicated jobs. Digital For example, tools that confer expertise.

Because This agenda places innovation and productivity at its core. Its policies are reminiscent of successful industrial policy from the past. We You could also call them productive policies or industrial policies.

They Build on the existing cross-sectoral local partnerships and national innovations programmes with a particular focus on services and technologies which absorb labour and are complementary for less educated labour. My My colleagues and I have sketched variations of such programmes for the US. France The following are some examples of how to get started: Britain.

A new left will have to confront the new economic structure and the productivity imperative. Only It will then become the real political movement of tomorrow and a viable alternative to far-right.

Dani Rodrik, Professor The following are some examples of how to use International Political Economy Please see below for more information. Harvard Kennedy School. is the president of International Economic Association Author of “Straight Talk on Trade: Ideas for a Sane World Economy”. Copyright: Project Syndicate

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