With With the rise of AI and Blockchain, we are seeing the digital landscape change before our eyes. Established WeBusiness models b2 are being disrupted. Web3 ideas. The Emergence of generative AI creates a number of new business opportunities.
Unimaginable before

Let’s identify the business models poised for disruption in the coming years. Rather Instead of examining each model in detail, I would like to focus on innovative business models that could transform multiple sectors.

Business Models set to disrupt the market

It Blockchain has always had a great potential to disrupt the traditional business model in finance, and beyond. We You may have heard of different attempts to implement blockchain technology in various business sectors. These include loyalty programs, real estate and logistics.

These Some have focused on creating enterprise-specific blockchains for businesses, others on bringing blockchains to more people. WeTokenisation and NFTs are examples of business tools that are similar to those used in b3.

The IBM and other major corporations are leading the enterprise blockchain trend. Hyperledger Blockchain has lost some of its momentum. OriginallyThe idea was to implement closed blockchains (permissioned ones) in businesses that require coordination between units, automated logic execution and enhanced transparency.

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While This approach has been moderately successful in financial applications like interbank settlement networks. However, the future of this approach could hinge on its adoption. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

HoweverThe use of open Blockchain tools and techniques such as tokenisation in traditional business models is overshadowing the current trend. This shift is quite telling, as the core principle of blockchain technology is openness—an aspect that holds significant potential for improvement.

Areas for disruption: FinanceMarketing and social networking

One Traditional finance is one of the most important areas to be disrupted. There’s We can see a tangible change when we move finance applications to a blockchain platform. When blockchain is used to underpin traditional finance, a number of inefficiencies are immediately eliminated. The Blockchain smart contracts can automate the execution of traditional finance logic, such as trade finance.

Blockchain also creates financial markets that are available 24×7, which significantly improves on traditional platforms. For The new generation of millennials is likely to be completely confused as to why they can’t trade. Tesla Stock up Sundays The trader can choose any crypto coin they want.

It Finance will eventually move onto blockchain rails. The obvious improvements blockchain can bring to finance in the coming decade will drive this development.

Tokenisation It can be an excellent marketing tool for business. Many major companies have already used NFTs as a way to engage with their customers. Triggered By the apparent success of meme coin (tradable crypto-assets associated with popular memes), similar instruments will be used in traditional business and customer acquisition.

Loyalty Tokenised reward programs and token airdrops are a great way to bring on new customers. It Open blockchain tools that are publically available are needed for this. No Blockchain integration is required in business structures, not traditional WeStart to absorb b2 business WeB3 implements ideas and tools into their operation.

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Another Social networking is a major disruption. WeThe inefficiencies of b2 are now more apparent. Being They have a traditional centralised structure and can be abused if the moderation algorithms are unable to effectively deal with bot activity.

This, which in turn leads to tighter centralised controls over the posted content. Social The network users don’t pay for the service since they are the main product. Their data, which is shared with network, can be used to target advertising and sold without the explicit consent of the user. Emerging WeSocial networks allow users to control all data they share. This can then be monetized by them.

We The (in-)famous Metaverse Narrative is closely related to blockchain. Although The digital world is moving towards a more immersive, all-encompassing experience. Despite We will see a revival in interest for the MetaverseThe progress of hardware and AI is fueling the growth in the industry.

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The AI will cause a massive disruption, and its size is difficult to predict. It It all depends on our ability to accomplish things quickly. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which can be compared with the wheel as a potential tool for human progress, is likely to have a limited impact.

Large Language Models LLMs can handle most mundane tasks and free up a large amount of human resource to do the tasks AI cannot yet.

Despite Blockchain is bringing openness to the business world. This trend will continue to grow.

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