The “Dinner With Jay-Z Or $500k” meme took over the web for years. Social media customers debated the 2 choices like dueling sports activities groups. Apparently, G-Eazy had the prospect to participate in choice A.

G-Eazy just lately appeared on Wave Sports + Entertainment Original’s 7PM in Brooklyn hosted by Carmelo Anthony and The Kid Mero. The Bay Area-bred rapper mirrored on eating with Jay-Z in New York whereas recording his second studio LP. 

“I’m so locked in because I can taste it, I can feel it. I’m on the cusp of… I know what I’m sitting on and I’m locked in. I’m in New York and I’m at Quad [Studios] working and you can’t bother me with anything. Nothing matters besides tunnel vision of this,” G-Eazy stated.

He continued, “And I’m in the last week of recording, finishing it and one of my managers, who’s a Jedi master, a legend in this industry, Gee Roberson goes like, ‘I’m pulling up. We’re going to dinner.’”

G-Eazy says his preliminary response was to remain targeted on finishing his album. Eventually, he agreed to hitch Gee Roberson for the thriller assembly.

“I still don’t know where we’re going or why the dinner. I’m not in New York to have dinner. I’m here to finish this. We’re going and the whole drive there, I’m like, ‘Brother, how are you going to tell me what?’” the “No Limit” rhymer acknowledged.

Additionally, G-Eazy recalled, “We get to the spot and the hostess says, ‘Can I help you?” And [Roberson] goes, ‘Yeah, we’re at Sean Carter’s desk.’ I’m like, ‘Dog, the f###?’”

He continued, “I sit down and it’s like [Jay-Z’s] in the corner and he just looks up at me and he’s like, ‘How’d you get here? What’s your story?’ I started panicking. But then we just got into the convo and it was a life-changing kind of evening.”

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