Experts There are 200 billion people on the planet Then, you can get a better understanding of the trillions Stars in the observable Universe YesThat is a real figure. While This is the math behind it conclusion It is not surprising that society has been fascinated by the cosmos since our earliest ancestors, and continues to be so today.

Galerie Templon In a new exhibition, the gallery at its New York location. CosmographyMulti-media works will be created that explore the intersections of mythology and history, as well as mathematics. For French conceptual artist Laurent GrassoHe manipulates images from film and art history to create fictional settings, such as Studies Into You can also find out more about the following: Past (2019), which depicts several aristocratic travelers on horseback gazing at a luminescent aurora — subverting notions of time and space.

Whereas, Japanese Performer and installation artist Chiharu Shiota The artist uses a red-hued watercolor composition to show how the human race is inextricably linked to the stars. A single stick figure is shown with a red blob. “These artists explore a surrealist, cosmic vision of the future,” Written by Templon, “one that is ripe with personal histories and occasions for change. These metaphysical works contemplate our relationship to the intangible structures that bind our universe and equally suggest an internal, perhaps spiritual, study of the worlds within us.”

For People who are New York CityThe exhibition The exhibition will run until August 1, 2024.

Galerie Templon
293 10th Ave,
New YorkNY 10001

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