Nissin The latest unconventional Cup Noodles flavor: S’mores.

The The latest offering from the company is aimed at “[invoke] nostalgic memories of time spent around a campfire” It features the flavors of traditional foods S’moreThis is a combination of chocolate, marshmallows, and grahams with a smokey finish. Nissin USA recommends topping the noodles with extra graham-cracker pieces and mini marshmallows. To prepare the noodles, simply add water to a cup, microwave for three minutes, and let it simmer for another two minutes.

This This isn’t even the first time that a strange flavor has been created Nissin Has been released. Over Over the years, the company discontinued seasonal offerings like pumpkin spice The following are some examples of how to use Fall The a Cup Noodles ice creamYou can name several.

Nissin’s Campfire S’mores Cup Noodles The US version is available at Walmart Retail price is $1.18 US.


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