Poppy Prescott Is the pre-teen girl villain in Despicable Me 4. To Highlight the character’s latest addition to the popular franchise, The Franchise tapped Converse How to create a customized Converse Chuck 70 High top in Hot “Poppy Pink.”

Voiced The actress Joey King, Poppy Prescott An ambitious and soon-to-be-master villain employs the assistance of Gru Complete her own heist. An Teenager who is innovative and doesn’t obey authority “born to be bad”, Poppy Prescott Plans to surpass Gru She will be the next generation’s most evil supervillain. Renfield.

Converse’s Poppy-inspired Chucks Come textured with Utility-nylon, black satin heels, and an embossed cursive ‘P’ on the outsoles beneath a transparent rubber layer. Decorated with character-themed charms, the black ‘CatThe laces have silver grip hooks that replace the aglet. The The sockliner prints are very noticeable Poppy’s Sneaky head peeking out of the name tag. Where The classic Converse The license is located in the place where you can find it. Despicable Me 4 Logo instead

The The shoe’s box offers a unique immersive experience. It can be opened with just a simple push. Poppy’s White belt buckle Transforming A four-station rendering of Poppy’s Treehouse is a box that features shelves filled with gadgets as well as her signature spherical chairs. Inside The inner walls is the custom Chuck in a black satin bag with a ‘Poppy Pink’ lace and ‘P’ along the front.

Step You can also read more about Poppy’s Join the giveaway contest to win this limited-edition collaboration. Hypebae Instagram Page on July On November 11th, at 10AM Eastern Standard Time.

Watch Despicable Me 4 The film is only available in theatres.

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