Chinese Electric vehicle manufacturer Zeekr Looking for a way to enter South Korea By 2026, there are plans to open showrooms throughout the country. Seoul The nearby provinces of Gyeonggi By next year, the parent company Geely In response to questions last week Bloomberg. Under According to the current plan the mainstream luxury automaker will bring the Zeekr To attract local tech-savvy consumers, the company has launched 001, a first-generation model with advanced driving features, including automatic parking. The BYD, a competitor of BYD, has recently begun regulatory preparations. South Korea The company aims to launch the first EV in its local market during the second half 2024. Zhejiang-headquartered ZeekrTwo new models will be launched in China The launch of a 5-seater van is expected to take place later this year. MixAs well as a medium to large sports utility vehicle codenamed CX1e that is targeted at Chinese families. Zeekr Chief executive Andy An Investors were told last month that the New YorkBy the end of this year, the company will have expanded its global footprint from 25 markets to over 50. [Bloomberg, TechNode reporting]

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