On July 6 President VeriSilicon Dai Weimin, presented a presentation and speech titled “Opportunities and Challenges of AIGC Chips” RISC-V is a new processor that has been designed to be a high performance, low cost alternative. Generative Forum The onset of the epidemic World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2024 will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. Based According to his speech, in order to achieve intelligence equal or greater than the human brain, it is necessary to expand the model parameters. This trend requires an exponential increase of computational power. “Currently, numerous enterprises worldwide are developing their own AI large-scale models, with over 100 models in the Chinese market alone. The ‘AI-model war’ in the market seems like a chaotic competition and a waste of electricity. By 2028, China will have fewer than ten foundational large-scale models, ideally just five,” He made the claim at the forum. [Icsmart, in Chinese]

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