Commemorative Image Global X surpassing 50 billion dollars in assets under management on display at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Global X, a U.S. ETF manager, has achieved a major milestone by surpassing $50 billion of total assets under management. Mirae Asset Global Investments Announced on the 9th of September Global X’s AUM has increased by over $7 billion in less than six months. The total is now $50.3 billion, as of yesterday. This The company has risen to 13th place among U.S. ETF Managers.

Founded In 2008, Global X was recognized by U.S. Investors as a ‘leader in innovative ETFs’ for offering differentiated products since its beginnings. The Company acquired by Mirae Asset Group Chairman Park HyeonIn 2018, its AUM was approximately $10 billion. By This figure is expected to reach $42.5 billion by the year 2020.

In AprilCEO Ryan O’Connor The ‘beginning of the’Global X 2.0 era.’ Under Under his leadership, the firm has expanded its product offering and market share. Celebrating The milestone of exceeding $50 billion has been reached. O’Connor stated, “Global X has continuously offered differentiated products to investors,” Add “and” to any sentence. Based on this differentiated product lineup, we will spare no effort to achieve the goal of $100 billion and beyond in assets under management. We will actively target not only the U.S. market but also global markets in collaboration with Mirae Asset Group and its affiliates.”

Global X is responsible for 93 ETFs managed in the U.S.Global X Nasdaq 100 Covered Call (QYLD US), a leading U.S. covered-call ETF with net assets of approximately $8,3 billion. The Company’s covered-call ETF series is comprised of 16 ETFs that have a net asset total value of $12.9 Billion. Another A product of note is the.Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development The net assets of the ETF (PAVE US), which is now worth approximately $7.3 billion, have grown.

Kim Young-hwan, Head The following are some examples of how to use Innovation The following are some examples of how to get started: Global Management The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Mirae Asset Global Investments”We are proud of our global achievements,” he said. “Mirae Asset has been achieving significant results globally, beyond the U.S., based on a high understanding of the global ETF market.” He added, “We will continue to strengthen the brand value of Global X and strive to develop strategic businesses for new innovative growth.”

As As of the end last month, total net assets were Mirae Asset Global Investments’Global ETFs’ amounted $127 billion. That is greater than the total domestic ETF market of South Korea, which is valued at 156 Trillion KRW. The Total assets managed by Global X Australia The total value of the transactions has exceeded $5 billion.Global “X EU” and “Mirae Asset Global Investments IndiaThe assets managed by ‘have also surpassed $1 billion.Global X CanadaThe total assets managed by’amount to 25 billion dollars.

This The rapid expansion and growth of the investment market has led to a growing demand for income-oriented products and themes, as well as diversification and innovative strategies. With A strong understanding of global ETF markets and a commitment in offering unique investment solutions. Global X Mirae Asset Global Investments Financial markets are in a good position to continue their upward trend.

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