A jewel thief who travels the world has been arrested. Oceans-11 style diamond ring heist in New York City.

Yaorong Wan, 49 was arrested in Queens On, Friday He allegedly stole $300,000. rings You can also find out more about us on our website. Cartier You can also find out more about the following: Tiffany Stores in Manhattan.

The arrest ended Wan’s Years-long criminal career took him around the world, including half of it South Korea You can also find out more about the following: Beverly HillsAccording to The New York Post.

His A string of thefts has begun in September 2018 is when he stole a $330,000 diamond ring from a Tiffany’s store in Seoul, The criminal complaint stated. Last December He is accused of stealing a watch and a diamond ring worth $48,000. from a Cartier store in Beverly Hills, the New York Post said.

Wan The strike continues New York You can also find out more about this by clicking here. March, stealing from a 255,000-dollar diamond ring Tiffany’s. Court Documents allege that the man managed to swap the diamond ring for another band without the shop employee noticing when he entered the store on the 4th at 3pm. MarchI asked the woman at the counter for information on several pieces of jewelry.

The The assistant laid out the jewelry. Wan According to a criminal complaint, the man allegedly looked over the $255,000 ring before leaving the store. Only Later, the store found out that the ring the employee gave him was not the ring the customer had returned.

Wan The complaint stated that the defendant had substituted the diamond ring for a fake cubic zirconia mounted on 18-carat gold.

Yaorong WanThe 49th year of Queens. was arrested in Manhattan After a series of jewelry thefts (Manhattan District Attorney’s Office )

When Investigators reviewed surveillance footage of that day and saw the defendant examine the diamond-mounted ring, then slip it in his hand using a sleight of hand, before dumping the fake.

Store Workers said that the next day they photographed the fake and found it to be devoid of any markings or engravings.

Wan A similar trick was allegedly performed at a Cartier Store in New York eight days later. Wan Investigators reported that a man walked into the office at 1:30pm and asked to see two watches and two rings. The According to the complaint, the employee gave him the diamond rings and then got distracted.

Wan He allegedly returned one of the rings but put the other ring, worth about $25,000, in his pocket before leaving. He Then went to Miami, You can also find out more about the following: New York Post He allegedly stole an $16,000 watch from someone. Cartier Buy on 24 March.

The Criminal complaint alleges Wan The thieves also stole two watches from the victim, totaling $17,000. Hermes The store American Dream Mall You can also find out more about the following: East Rutherford, New JerseyThe watch is also included. London Jewelers You can also find out more about the following: Manhasset, Long Island last month.

In You can also find out more about the following: Long Island Investigators state that this is the case Wan He was looking at the watches and slid one off. Chopard Watch into the left jacket pocket. He According to the complaint, the complainant then walked past the registers before exiting the door.

When He was arrested Wan He allegedly stole three watches Manhasset You can also find out more about the following: New JerseyAccording to the police, he was also found to have fake stones that he had used to replace the real stones.

He He pleaded guilty to his crimes Saturday Arrestation in Manhattan Criminal CourtAccording to online court records,

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