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The Ministry The following are some examples of how to use Land, Infrastructure The following are some examples of how to get started: Transport Has announced a significant advancement in the field of autonomous freight transportation. On July The ministry announced plans on September 9 to establish pilot zones for the freight transport industry by identifying routes that cover a wide area and long distances, including highways. This An announcement is made in conjunction with the revised Autonomous Vehicle ActThis will be effective on July 10.

The Revised act which was amended JanuaryDuring consultations with local authorities, the Ministry can designate routes that cover a large area as zones of pilot operation, without having to request permission from local officials. This Change aims to eliminate previous limitations which made it hard to designate long distance and wide-area routes covering multiple local government as pilot operation zones.

“The ministry plans to designate pilot operation zones for freight transport by identifying long-distance and wide-area routes, including highways,” According to a representative of the Ministry The following are some examples of how to use Land, Infrastructure The following are some examples of how to get started: Transport. “The ministry also plans to establish and announce the licensing criteria for the autonomous freight transport business.”

Until Now, pilot operations zones are designated on the basis of applications made by local government heads. This resulted to 35 out 36 pilot operations zones in the country being limited only to one local authority. This The lack of flexibility made it difficult to determine the long distance routes required for the demonstration of autonomous freight transportation technology. The The only exception to this was that the Chungcheong The area includes Daejeon City, Sejong City. Chungbuk province.

The The ministry’s new strategy aims to tackle these challenges by actively identifying autonomous transport routes in accordance with the revised law. Demonstrating It is vital to the development of autonomous freight transportation technology that it be used on long distance routes such as highways.

Pilot Operation zones will be special districts that allow for various regulatory exemptions such as exceptions to paid transport and safety standards in automobiles. These Zones will allow the demonstration of different services using the autonomous driving technology. This will promote innovation and development within the industry.

To In order to support the autonomous transport industry, the Ministry plans to create the conditions necessary to eliminate the uncertainties. This This includes the preparation of detailed standards and procedures to verify safety, such as a pre-operational period of 60 days, an interdiction on hazardous material loading and a mandatory liability insurance.

As The revised Autonomous Vehicle Act The ministry’s efforts, which include the designation of pilot operation zones and the establishment of clear licensing criteria, are expected to lead to significant advances in autonomous freight transportation.

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