GS Entec, a wholly owned subsidiary of South Korean Conglomerate GS Group, announced that it would invest 300 billion won (approximately 22.22 million dollars) in order to strengthen its entry into monopile manufacturing. This Strategic move revealed on July 9. aims to position 9 as a leading player in the offshore wind market. Japan.

Last Year, GS Entec By forming a strategic partnership, we signed an exclusive license agreement for technology and entered the monopile production sector. SifIt is a leading Dutch Company that owns 40% of the European Market for offshore monopile wind turbines This GS allows partnership Entec Leverage Sif’s Advanced technology and expertise for monopile manufacturing.

The Investments of 300 billion won over the course of two years will include 214 billion for automated facilities, and 86 billion for additional buildings. This Investment is intended to penetrate the global market and produce customized substructures. GS Entec Around 90 billion won has been secured from financial investors including Dominus Investment You can also find out more about the following: Simone Asset ManagementIt is also in negotiations to raise another 200 billion wons from strategic and financial investors.

“We plan to open the floodgates to the global market using the advanced production facilities funded by the 300 billion won investment,” GS is a statement Entec representative. The The company intends to take advantage of the rapid growth in this market by using these advanced production facilities. Japanese Market and other global opportunity

MonopilesGS’s main product is. EntecLarge cylindrical tubes of steel are driven into seabeds to serve as foundations offshore wind turbines. They These foundations are popular because they have a shorter production time and cost less than other substructures such as tri-pods, floating and jacket foundations. GS Entec’s The use of precise welding technology enhances the competitiveness of monopile manufacture.

Japan, a target market of GS EntecThe ambitious plan of, is to increase the capacity of its offshore wind energy by 30 times or more by 2030. This The expansion of the business is a part Japan’s The strategy is to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels, and increase its share of renewable energies in its energy mix. The Japanese Market adopts GS predominantly Entec’s Monopile method is a great opportunity for companies.

While JFE Engineering Establishing a monopile facility in JapanGS is one of the few monopile producers with a proven track record. Entec. This Positions GS Entec The growing demand for offshore substructures is a positive factor to consider. Japan Beyond the horizon

Offshore Wind energy, which is the generation of electricity by wind turbines in water bodies, has gained popularity globally because of its ability to produce large quantities of electricity while having minimal environmental impact. GS Entec’s The investment in facility automation is intended to increase the production capabilities of the company and its competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market.

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