Hanwha Aerospace’s The K10 ammunition transporter (left) and the K9 self-propelled cannon (right). (Photo The courtesy of Hanwha Aerospace)

Hanwha Aerospace The contract has been signed with Romania The supply of 54 K9 self propelled artillery weapons.

Hanwha Aerospace Announced on July The 9 announced that it had signed a contract with the 12 billion ($1.38 trillion) to supply 54 self-propelled K9 artillery guns. Romanian Ministry You can also find out more about the following: Defense You can also find out more about the following: Bucharest. AccordinglyThe Korean In collaboration with, defense giant will supply 54 K9 self propelled howitzers (auto-propelled K9) and 36 K10 ammunition carriers. Romanian Starting in 2027, companies will be able to start their business.

Hanwha Aerospace The project won because it beat out the competition North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO member countries include Germany’s The PzH2000 is a self-propelled howitzer. Turkiye’s Firtina self-propelled howitzers. After Being selected as a preferred bidding company earlier this year after a four month competition. Hanwha Aerospace Negotiations with the Romanian government.

Apart From the K9 to the K10, this contract included wheeled equipment for weather and reconnaissance, ammunition, and more. This provided a total solution in terms of defense. Romania.

Prior To the contract, Korean Government has actively supported this defense export project through a joint declaration on strengthening a partnership between the leaders of the two nations and by holding the first ever joint committee for defense and military affairs. Romanian government.

The Addition of Romania As the 10th country in the world to deploy the K9, the cumulative export value of Korea has risen to 13 trillion won. This brings the total number of NATO members that have adopted the K9 to six.

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