Sea Next-generation trials Aegis destroyer ‘King Jeongjo You can also find out more about the following: Great’ (KDX-III BatchHD Hyundai Heavy Industries It is scheduled to deliver to Navy By the end of 2024.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries First in the world, he has created history Korean Signing a contract with a company Master Ship Repair Agreement (MSRA), with the U.S. Naval Supply Systems Command. The An historic agreement is announced July 11. South Korean Shipbuilding giant bids for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), projects in the U.S. Navy Combat ships Military Sealift Command Support vessels in the next five years

The HD and MSRA are both essential for participation in MRO projects on U.S. Naval Ships. Hyundai Heavy IndustriesThe company’s successful application is a major milestone in its expansion into the U.S. Defense market. The The process started in May When the company first applied for the MSRA last year. This The inspections were followed by a rigorous quality and facility inspection. January This year, security audits are scheduled to take place in MarchFinancial audits and. May.

In FebruaryHD Hyundai Heavy Industries The U.S. Secretary You can also check out the Navy Carlos Del Toro Visit to the headquarters of the company in Ulsan. This The briefing focused on the company’s technology and potential to support U.S. Navy operations.

The U.S. Navy’s HD has a large business opportunity as the MRO market is estimated at 20 trillion won annually (around $14,8 billion). Hyundai Heavy Industries. The The company intends to use this agreement to increase its MRO market share. Asia The following are some examples of how to get started: South America. AdditionallyHD Hyundai Heavy Industries The goal is to establish trust with U.S. Military authorities in order to secure future construction projects of ships and special purpose vessels.

Joo WonHead of the Special Ship Business HD Hyundai Heavy IndustriesThe company’s MRO expertise and technological prowess were highlighted. “Based on our unparalleled technology, having constructed a total of 18 export ships, and our accumulated MRO business know-how in the Philippines, we aim to smoothly enter the U.S. naval MRO market and further broaden the horizons of K-ship exports,” Joo stated.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries The shipbuilding industry has a long history of accomplishments. In In 2022, the company opened a logistic support center in the PhilippinesFirst to be the first Korean A shipbuilding company ventures into the overseas MRO market. This This move was a sign of the company’s commitment to expanding globally and enhancing MRO capabilities.

The Company’s technology capabilities are also demonstrated by its ongoing project delivering the next-generation Aegis destroyer “King Jeongjo the Great” You can also find out more about the Navy By the end of 2024. This project underscores HD Hyundai Heavy IndustriesAbility to meet stringent requirements for advanced naval shipbuilding.

The MSRA agreement strengthens South KoreaDefense relations with the United States but also improves South Korea’s Supporting U.S. Naval Operations The This collaboration will further strengthen the long-standing partnership between the two nations, and is expected to result in job creation and economic development. South Korea.

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