After He said that after paying a full time assistant and a partial-timer he only had HK$7.500 left for utilities, publicity material, etc.

“The government’s limited resources fall short in supporting a district councillor in an enlarged constituency,” The 38-year old journalist who is now a full-time councillor has said.

Tuen Mun District Councillor Ken Fung Has applied for one the 17 public housing apartments offered by the Housing Authority. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

He District councillors told the Post They were confronted with a variety of realities in their first month.

Working Some said the division of work and arrangements among councillors are not yet clear. Others The residents of the town had no idea that they existed.

Hong Kong’s Before the election, the district council landscape underwent a major overhaul. The number of councillors directly elected was reduced and constituencies were enlarged. December 10 election The turnout was a record low of 27.54 percent.

Of Of the 470 Councillors, 88 of them were elected directly in 44 constituencies enlarged by geography, the rest being chosen by local committees or appointed. Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu.

Each A councillor receives HK$49.512 a monthly for operating fees and HK$120,000 as a subsidy one-off to open a constituent office. Full-time Councillors receive HK$37.520 per month.

In In the old district council system, each councillor was responsible for a region of between 10,000 and 15,000 people. With The revamp is someone who likes Fung His constituency is now made up of 10 old constituencies, which he combines to serve close to 150 000 people.

He This is the sixth of six Tuen Mun There are 12 councillors directly elected and 13 others appointed by the mayor.

Directly elected councillor Yankie Chan She describes her work in the first three months as “insane”. Photo: Facebook/ Yankie Chan Yin-kwan

Fung More than a dozen residents showed up at his temporary offices every day, and two to three others would request all sorts of assistance. But He was also required to meet with people.

“I don’t think the manpower I have is enough to serve 150,000 people,” He said.

He The unclear division of duties among councillors increased his workload as residents, and even government officials, tended to contact directly elected councillors because they were unfamiliar with their colleagues.

Overloaded server caused system crash during Hong Kong’s district council poll

“If the workload continues without more subsidies provided, I don’t think the job is sustainable,” He said.

Directly elected councillor Yankie Chan Yin-kwan is a member of the armed forces. Tin Shui Wai South You can also find out more about the following: Ping Ha Constituency Yuen Long District Share Fung’s Concerns, describing her work load in the first month “insane”.

She The people tend to recognize directly elected councillors because they are more visible, and have been out on the street before the December election.

“If residents are not familiar with you, they just won’t go to you when problems arise,” She said

Kowloon City District Councillor Rizwan Ullah After he finishes his work, he says he will meet with residents. Photo: Sun Yeung

Secondary School vice-principal Rizwan UllahThe city’s leader has appointed him to the position of mayor Kowloon City district, said: “It is an established fact that appointed members are less known to many local residents, and it takes time to become a familiar face.”

The Councillor Pakistani After he has finished his work, origin will usually meet residents in the late evening. He He has handled six cases to date, mostly from ethnic minorities.

Hong Kong printed 1.5 million posters, leaflets for district council election

Many The 179 city councillors that the leader of the city has appointed all have full-time employment.

Every A district councillor must operate a constituency for no less than forty hours a week. They also attend weekly “meet-the-people” sessions in order to stay close to the communities that they serve.

At A two-hour session with attendees Rizwan There are two more councillors. January 25. Post Observed that only two residents visited them.

Rizwan The 20 workers are still not clearly divided. Kowloon City councillors but insist that internal communication is smooth and that helps.

Former Councillors directly elected Jeremy Young Says there is no overlap but gaps exist Photo: K. Y. Cheng

Jeremy Young ChitA former directly elected councillor appointed to a position. Central You can also find out more about the following: Western District said that there were no overlaps in the work but that there were gaps, including discussions about who should serve residents in CentralHow to use?

Being He expected two or more councillors to share an office, in a district where rents are often higher. This would allow them to maximize the use of their allowances from government.

Hong Kong’s first ‘patriots-only’ district poll is ‘real, functioning democracy’

But Chan The following are some examples of how to use Yuen Long Tell the truth Post It was told to councillors that they should open their own offices, and not a joint one, so residents can receive assistance as widely as possible.

Secretary You can also find out more about the following: Home You can also find out more about the following: Youth Affairs Alice Mak Mei-Kuen has accepted a councillor’s request to open additional service offices in order to better engage the public.

She The statement has been made Legislative Council After gathering information from multiple sources and attending meetings over the past few months, authorities have decided to review the district council’s operations next year.

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