The Ho ShungThe -pun family is a group of puns that are known to be one of Hong Kong’s “invisible rich”Four homes have been sold by. The Peak HK$1.1bn (US$141m), or about 50% less than the value of their assets seven years ago. Gaw CapitalSources say that.

The Proceeds will be used to pay off a private debt of up to HK$1.6bn due in January Sources said 2025. The Loans securitised by the Ho Family’s property on 46 Plantation RoadThe rate of interest is based on the amount you pay. “teens”The source was added.

The Residential development includes townhouse units A to D with sizes ranging from 4,060 to 4,432 square feet. All Four were sold on the market for a total HK$1.1billion Wednesday, according the records of government.

The The buyer has signed a pre-contract and paid HK$55,000,000, or 5 percent, as an initial deposit.


How Hong Kong’s Housing market becomes one of the most inaffordable markets around the globe

How Hong Kong’s Housing market becomes one of the most inaffordable markets around the globe

The buyer is a local with financial strength,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Raymond LeeCEO of Hong Kong, Macau The following are some examples of how to get started: Greater China You can also check out our other articles. SavillsThe deal was brokered by. “He paid cash and will complete the deal on August 8.”

Lee The transaction price per square foot was around HK$65,000, which is about 50% less than the value of the properties at the peak of the market. This Deal will bring down prices of other luxury properties in the city.

Lee’s The comments are made as the property market in the city continues to be impacted by low demand, economic headwinds, and high interest rates.

In 2017 was a boom year for the real estate market. Pollock’s Path On, The Peak According to a report by Victoria Allan, founder of and managing Director of Habitat Property.

The Home on 46 Plantation Road They were completed in 2007 but put up for tender in February Last year, the owner Ho You may be experiencing liquidity problems.

Additionally, Ho His family members include: January 17 received a HK$85-million loan for a period of one year from X8 FinanceA wholly-owned unit of Hong Kong-listed Termbray Industries International, a stock exchange filing showed.

A former professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Ho His family members are the directors. Kowloon Investment. Hong KongAccording to the, a property investment and management company was established in 1955. Companies Registry.

Another As security, the family put up residential property they own in the city as a guarantee for the HK$85million loan. This loan has an interest rate as high as 29% in the two months following the drawdown date.

The Loan was a refinancing a HK$44million facility raised by the borrowers in June The interest rate for the first month was 25 per cent and then 13 per cent.

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