Israeli The following are some examples of how to get started: Hamas The negotiators meet in Qatar Discussions on a possible ceasefire have been ongoing for 10 months. Gaza war. Hamas It claims that it does not have all of the hostages, and that some were taken by families.


Israeli The following are some examples of how to get started: Hamas The negotiators meet in Qatar Discussions on a possible cease-fire have been ongoing for 10 months. Gaza war. One Release is one of the most important issues. Israeli Hostages taken by Hamas The following are some examples of how to get started: Palestinian Prisoners Held by Israel. But Hamas Says it doesn’t hold all the hostages. NPR’s Jane Arraf Sat down with an Hamas Official in Beirut Today and more.

JANE ARRAF, BYLINE We meet Ahmed Abdul-Hadi In the meantime, Hamas The southern suburbs of Beirut. The Hostages are a big deal for many reasons. Israel. Where many families have pressed the Israeli To get them back, the government must agree to a truce. Israel It believes Hamas Still holds around 100 people captured after the militant group stormed last year’s border October.

UNIDENTIFIED TERRORISTS:Chanting The following are some examples of how to use Hebrew).

ARRAF: HostagesThe soldiers in particular are HamasMost important bargaining chips Abdul-Hadi They don’t have a clear idea of where all the civilians are because they were captured by different groups, or even individuals.

AHMED ABDUL-HADI: (Through interpreter) The We hold officers and soldiers in a secret location. But The civilians are not all with us. Some are with other groups, while others are with family members. We do not know where they are.

ARRAF: It’s We heard something new – something that we didn’t know before Gaza The civilians who crossed after the Hamas attack took Israeli They still hold hostages. Abdul-Hadi Many of these families have relatives in Israeli They are looking to trade prisons. Because He said that they treated the hostages well. President Biden Announced the cease-fire proposals in May.


PRESIDENT JOE J. BIDEN It’s Road map to a long-lasting ceasefire and the freeing of all hostages

ARRAF: The The first phase would involve the exchange of prisoners and hostages. Israel Holds about 8,000 Palestinian More than 1,000 security prisoners and detainees from GazaAccording to an Israeli Human rights group Israel Would free up a fraction. It The government has refused to release 100 high-ranking prisoners or anyone with a sentence of more than 15 years. Hamas It’s not acceptable, he said. But Abdul-Hadi They told us there might be room for negotiations.

ABDUL-HADI: (Through interpreter) With We could have a position that says, “No, not this, not this, but this.” Their Refusal is not permitted. Maybe We could also be flexible with other names.

ARRAF: The prisoners Israel Says it won’t include those serving life terms. Among them, Abdul-Hadi Saying is Marwan Barghouti, a popular future leader Palestinian entity. In Nine months ago, Hamas Launched its shock attack which it calls Al-Aqsa Flood, Israeli The airstrikes that have been conducted have virtually destroyed Gaza. Almost 40,000 Gaza Untreated diseases and attacks have killed many civilians including many women and children. Was What is the value of this, I ask you?

ABDUL-HADI: (Through interpreter) The Palestinian Extremists were destroying and liquidating the cause Zionist government. And The normalization process is proceeding at a rapid pace. Palestinian rights. It It was a forgotten problem. The Al-Aqsa Flood Made it cause No. 1 in the World

ARRAF: Abdul-Hadi The word “Said” is a phrase that has been used to describe the way in which a person speaks. Palestinian-Israeli The peace process that began decades ago produced nothing. For A liberation movement always comes with a cost, he said. Jane ArrafNPR News, Beirut.


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