Studies There are significant waiting times for people with developmental disabilities, such as autism. They may be experiencing high levels of anxiety or sensory challenges. This The report highlights a major challenge for the field, namely a heavy dependence on human resources that can restrict access to timely healthcare by those in greatest need.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other South Korean Social ventures are designed to tackle this challenge by creating a unique product. Dolbomdream The HUGgy vest is designed to improve quality of life. The vest utilises Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), to provide the soothing effect of a hug on individuals with developmental disabilities. This It aims to relieve stress and anxiety.

The inspiration: Founder’s journey

Raised in an environment where entrepreneurship thrived — his father owned a business — Kim Jihun, Founder The CEO of DolbomdreamHe was naturally attracted to the idea of starting his own business.

“During my postgraduate studies at KAIST’s Department of Business and Technology Management, a course on startup convergence introduced me to the concept of social entrepreneurship. This notion deeply resonated with me — the idea of addressing societal issues while maintaining a sustainable business model,&#8221He said.

While While volunteering at a centre for the welfare of children with disabilities, he saw how weight vests could be used to soothe them. Recognising He envisioned a gentler alternative to this method that would be easier on the growing skeletal system. “Additionally, witnessing the prolonged wait times for treatment among individuals with developmental disabilities, I saw an opportunity to introduce a technology-driven solution to bridge this gap. Thus, the concept of the HUGgy vest was born,&#8221″ Jihun.

How The HUGgy Vest works

Dolbomdream Huggy Smart Care Vest – a vest that addresses sensory challenges – is one of the solutions offered by this company, which specializes in mental healthcare. Utilising DTP Technology, the vest simulates the calming and stabilizing effects of a warm hug. Equipped with inflatable technology and biometric sensors, the vest can monitor the user’s psychological state.

The The HUGgy vest is a lightweight, comfortable alternative to weighted vests. It enhances comfort and mobility. It Benefits autistic people and could be used to support seniors and patients with sleep disorders.

The The vest is equipped with non-contact biometric sensors that monitor heart rate. Data can be sent to caregivers via an app.

Dolbomdream It is also creating a centralised platform that administrators can use to supervise multiple users at once.

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“There’s a growing demand for remote healthcare solutions, particularly those catering to vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and infants. Our remote biometric monitoring technology, boasting over 95 per cent accuracy in measuring vital signs through Ballistocardiogram (BCG), positions us strategically to address these emerging needs. By leveraging this technology, we aim to expand our offerings beyond developmental disabilities to serve a broader spectrum of healthcare requirements,&#8221Shared Jihun.

Navigating Revenue models and the challenges they face

Dolbomdream’s primary revenue streams are derived from the sale and rental of HUGgy vests. The To diversify their revenue streams, the company is considering offering its Institutional Monitoring Platform as a subscription service. The The subscription fee per user is around US$300.

Addressing The challenges faced during product development Jihun remarked, “A significant challenge has been the iterative process of refining our product to meet customer demands, particularly as it involved venturing into unfamiliar territory like apparel manufacturing. This journey entailed numerous cycles of trial and error, resulting in considerable time and cost investments. However, the team’s commitment to continuous improvement, coupled with positive feedback on the final product, has validated our efforts and fueled our resolve to overcome challenges.”

Dolbomdream’s funding journey and future plans

In February 2024, Dolbomdream received undisclosed seed funding from Quest VenturesThe company is advancing towards its goal of becoming the leading provider of mental healthcare by 2030. To To achieve this, the focus is on developing an integrated system that uses biometric data to improve treatment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

“Unlike conventional healthcare settings reliant on manual records, our platform offers a systematic approach to monitoring and intervention, paving the way for transformative advancements in mental healthcare delivery,” Jihun noted.

Dolbomdream’s HUGgy vest offers a promising solution for improving access to mental healthcare, leveraging technology to bridge the gap in treatment. With The startup is positioned for positive future impact by focusing on data-driven care and expanding applications.

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Image credit: Dolbomdream

This Article first published on March 7, 2024

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