IstanbulLabels with a base Les Benjamins The brand has revealed a new partnership with heritage fashion house HUGO. Coming Together for the first, both brands have created a capsule luxury collection that combines their unique understanding of fashion craftsmanship.

Behind The 18-piece range is available. Les Benjamins The children of the past are a reference to its trademark storytelling. Gastarbeiter. Also Also known as “the key kids,” Through specially designed motifs, the brand tells the story of its independence and resilience. The double insignia consisting of two swans with an emblem of a red rose can be found on the garments, symbolizing both this story and the unification of HUGO’s heritage to its own brand history.

Continuing Exploring the interculturality within East You can also find out more about the following: WestThis collection combines streetwear, sartorial and other elements to create a timeless collection of tailoring. Les Benjamins” Contemporary Cuts These A boxy double-breasted jacket and a matching co-ord that features a gaping cutout can offer alternative silhouettes. Along Beaded embellishments in red and black complement the above motifs.

MeanwhileThe line is complemented by a bomber jacket and a set of raw-edged carpenter style. This reduces the formality. On First, brands choose exposed red stitching in order to create a contrast with the beige fabric. The However, the latter is more of a statement style with its dual-branded patches, swan prints and red cuffs. With these, a selection of mid-layers – including a beaded collar shirt, a satin-lined corset, and printed T-shirts – are designed to be mixed and matched to bring an added dimension to looks.

Other takes on this smart-meets-street style come into play in an elongated necktie, canvas bucket hat as well as specially designed hosiery – an unconventional but useful addition to fashion capsule collections.

Take Take a look at the items in the Lookbook in the Gallery above.

To HUGO and Les Benjamins Visit the brand’s website to see its capsule collection website now.

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