Hundreds The protesters want to stop expansion of the a Tesla Nearby factories Germany’s Capital investment Berlin Police blocked the police from storming the site.

Crowds Demonstrators gathered at the vicinity of the Grunheide factory, Tesla’s You can only get it by clicking here European Production base is on Friday Carrying banners protesting water consumption in the plant and advocating public transport instead of private cars.

The Since then, protests have been held against the consumption of water and the cutting down of trees for the expansion of the factory. FebruaryDemonstrations are taking place near the site in a nearby forest.

Several Temporary detention is a temporary measure taken to protect people. German News service dpa published dramatic images showing officers holding down people as they are arrested.

Police Officers detain a protestor during the protest. Pic: Reuters

According To the group who helped organize the protest DisruptAround 800 people gathered in front of the factory.

“Companies like Tesla are happy to destroy habitats for their own profit,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Ole BeckerA spokesperson for “Disrupt Tesla”.

“Instead of SUVs for the few, we must build buses and trains for the many.”

Activists form a human chain as they protest against the expansion of the Tesla Gigafactory in Gruenheide near Berlin. Pic: Reuters
Activists Create a chain of people. Pic: Reuters

It It comes after a suspected fire attack in March A far-left group claimed that the power supply was cut for nearly a week. This caused production at the plant to stop. The facility opened in 2022.

Company The following are some of the most effective ways to increase your ROI: Elon Musk At the time, the perpetrators were called. “dumbest eco-terrorists on Earth” Anti-Tesla It was a mistake for protesters to aim at stopping the production of vehicles powered by fossil fuels rather than electric ones.

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During Friday’s A protest march was held at a nearby station. “hundreds of participants ran into the forest and tried to get onto the Tesla site,” Police spokesperson Mario Heinemann On ntv, he said.

“We prevented that with our forces.”

Police Demonstrators also set off fireworks on an airfield and blocked a nearby railway and highway. Tesla Stores new cars

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