FILE PHOTO Hyesan, Yanggang ProvinceIn August 2013. (Daily NK)

Residents The following are some examples of how to use Hyesan, Yanggang Province, has been experiencing a severe water shortage. Daily NK has learned.

Speaking On condition of anonymity, for security reasons a source revealed that he was able to speak with the source. Yanggang Province You can tell them by clicking on the link Daily NK last Thursday A growing number of families are moving to the suburbs. Hyesan Recently, you have been without water. “Teenagers and the elderly are suffering from carrying water from the Yalu River or wells,” He said.

According According to the source, water was cut off early last month after water pipes froze up during a cold snap lasting several days with temperatures as low as 20 degrees. Celsius below zero.

As People have to go fetch water at the river or from wells. With As husbands and wives were busy working, and children and the elderly went to the market, the task of fetching the water was taken on by the children and the elderly.

Hyesan’s Many people, both young and older, have been injured by slipping or falling while drawing the water. In After slipping in an area of the city earlier this week, two teens and an older person were both forced to wear casts.

“The path is so steep and slippery that it’s hard to walk unaided, and people pulling sleds with water jugs are having accidents,” The source stated. “People hurt themselves even more because when they fall, they think of protecting the water jugs over their bodies because it is difficult to get another jug if it breaks.”

“The teenagers who were injured recently injured their arms by protecting the water jugs with their whole bodies when they fell,” The source stated. “When children who should be playing are forced to fetch water and even hurt themselves by falling, their parents must be heartbroken.”

HoweverLocal people’s committee Shows no signs of addressing the issue, angering locals.

“Young children and even the elderly are suffering from the water outage this cold winter, but the state isn’t even bothering to properly investigate the situation,” The source stated. “Many locals are frustrated because they don’t know how long they will have to suffer and endure shortages of everything, including rice.”

Translated By: David Black. Edited By: Robert Lauler.

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