Hyosung Heavy Industries Signing ceremony of the transformer supply contract was held with Australia’s Powerlink. Woo Tae-hee CEO of Hyosung Heavy Industries (right) Daryl RowellCFO of Powerlink (left).

Hyosung Heavy Industries The company has solidified its role as a major player in the Australian Power market by signing an important 35 billion won transformer supply contract (approximately $24.9 million). PowerlinkThe State-owned Power Company of Queensland, Australia. July 11. This This contract is an important step for the Copperstring2032 initiative, which seeks to build a transmission network that connects renewable energy produced on inland. Queensland Eastern coast

For The last decade Hyosung Heavy Industries Has been recognized as the total solution provider for the Australian Power market, providing both products and services. Last In the past year, the company has participated in EnergyConnect, a project that involves a transmission network connecting South Australia You can also find out more about the following: New South WalesWe supply power equipment. This Contribution was crucial in establishing Australia’s renewable energy grid.

Hyosung Heavy Industries Transformers are the most popular products in the market. Australian Transmission market: signing a long-term contract with a supplier of ultra-high-voltage transformers New South Wales Last year. The New contract with Powerlink The company will be able to expand its influence and further consolidate its position as a leader in the region.

The The Copperstring2032 Project is the cornerstone of Queensland’s Visionary renewable energy targets The State government has set a goal to convert over 70% of total energy generation into renewable energy by the year 2032. Queensland’s The favorable conditions of the area, which include over 300 sunny days per year, make it a perfect location for renewable energy production, such as solar power.

Woo Tae-hee CEO of Hyosung Heavy IndustriesHe expressed optimism regarding the role of his company in this transformational project. “Based on the know-how and competitiveness that Hyosung Heavy Industries has accumulated in the global transmission market, we will contribute to Queensland becoming a world-class renewable energy hub,” He stated.

The Key figures from the two organizations attended the signing ceremony for transformer supply contract Woo Tae-hee Daryl RowellCFO of Powerlink. This Partnership is expected to be a key factor in achieving Queensland’s The state should set targets for renewable energy and improve its power infrastructure.

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