Ice Cube’s BIG3 League After a recent rejection from Caitlin Clark.

Cube The professional 3-on-3 Basketball League is coming to your locality, starting now Los Angeles. Clutch Points. The The long-awaited change, which was sealed by a $10 million agreement, is in collaboration DCB Sports.

“This is a historic day for the BIG3,” Ice Cube The outlet reported that a press statement was issued.We We couldn’t be happier about entrusting a part of our league. Gary This group of experienced sports investors will help us prepare for our most important year yet. We We have all-star talent in basketball, millions of fans worldwide, and are one of CBS’s most popular sports shows of the summer.

“Basing our teams in home cities allows BIG3 to engage local communities and fanbases and bringing in ownership groups each with their own sports expertise, business, and capabilities beginning in 2025 will allow BIG3 to grow exponentially. I know that DCB Sports will do right by the people of Los Angeles and together, we’ll continue to change the game.”

DCB partner Matt Sherman Both were equally excited by the chance to work with the BIG3, citing its global reach and growth potential.

“In addition to building out the Los Angeles franchise, we hope to help drive innovation within the global basketball ecosystem and be a catalyst for growth and connectivity internationally,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Sherman. The BIG3 is the most dynamic blend of culture, entertainment, and sports, and it’s exciting to see what the league has in store for this next chapter.

Last month, Cube and his co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz, targeted Caitlin Clark’s agents, alleging that they played a key role in derailing negotiations with her as she made it to the WNBA. Ultimately, she signed with them Indiana Fever — securing the top spot in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

In A statement posted on the N.W.A Veteran’s website website, written by KwatinetzThe duo is accused Clark’s Agents with affiliations to the “NBA mob.”

“We have reason to believe these male agents and executives controlling the sport never even shared our trailblazing offer with Caitlin let alone facilitated Caitlin meeting with the BIG3 to discuss the opportunity,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Kwatinetz. “From our perspective, these representatives don’t seem to work for an individual client like Caitlin. They seem to work for the NBA mob, as their client list is a who’s who of NBA players.”

HoweverThis new deal suggests that the league will be moving forward in a promising direction.

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