Ice Spice The return of the ‘Back! Earlier This year is the Bronx Native announced that she is preparing to release her highly anticipated debut album. Y2K. Tonight (May Finally, she has released new music. Her Latest singles “Gimmie A Light,” Offers some early aughts nostalgia.

“Gimmie A Light” A sample of Jamaican Dancehall artist Sean Paul‘s 2002 hit, “Gimme The Light” — an ode to dancefloors and weed. Ice’s Singles have the same energy with a little modern twist.

“Hot boxin’ the V, like, give me a light / Fat ass so the pants fit tight / Took her man, I’m gettin’ him right / Big knock, like, why would I fight?,” Ice Raps in the song’s chorus

Over The past year Ice It has been reported that he’s in a fight with another rapper Latto. Back The following are some examples of how to use January, Ice You can download the app here. “Think U The Sh*t (Fart) which was thought to be aimed at Latto, to which Latto replied with “Sunday ServiceThe video was shot in Latto’s Old neighborhood

But It appears to be now Ice He’s not fazed at all by rumored feuds. Elsewhere The song is a good example. Ice Raps “No, I don’t got any opps / Like, why would I beef with a flop?”

You Listen to “Gimme A Light” above.

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