Rondae Hollis-Jefferson The FIBA Basketball World Cup last year won over the hearts of basketball lovers around the globe World CupHis playing style and mannerisms are strikingly similar to those exhibited by Kobe Bryant.

But More importantly, Hollis-Jefferson He showed he can still play despite having not had a job with the NBA since 2021.


Competing For the best, Jordanian While he was a member of the national team, he averaged a staggering 23.6 points, 7.8 rebound and 4.4 assist, as well as dazzling audiences with his incredible heroics. 4-point play to force overtime You can also check out our other articles. New Zealand.

Despite This viral World Cup campaign, Hollis-Jefferson He hasn’t gotten another chance at the NBA, and he complained about it on social media.

“I was going to let it slide and play out the way it’s supposed to but there’s no way I can sit back and let people discredit all the work I’ve put in. MENTALLY PHYSICALLY and SKILLFULLY,” Hollis-Jefferson “Said on his” Instagram story.

“My game has evolved in many ways while still having the tools that got me to the NBA… I’m confused as to why I can’t get a opportunity??? Ok I made mistakes at 24 that I wouldn’t make at 30. But that’s life you learn from those mistakes.. I’m not asking for anything other than a chance.. sh*t I’ll sleep in the gym…”


Since NBA players are leaving the league Hollis-Jefferson The band has played in many countries, including Turkey, Puerto Rico, South Korea You can also read about the Philippines.

At his statistical peak in the NBA, he averaged 13.9 points and 6.8 rebounds for the Brooklyn Nets In 2016-17.

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