The top opponents of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi He urged his fellow citizens to resist “dictatorship” On, SaturdayAfter the top court of the country released him on conditional release to run in the ongoing general elections.

Arvind KejriwalChief Minister of capital Delhi A key leader of an opposition coalition formed to compete with Modi Bail was granted on the basis of the results. Friday After weeks of detention

He His arrest is described as an “assault” by his party. He is one of several leaders in the bloc who are under criminal investigation. “political conspiracy” Orchestrated by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party Before the elections, (BJP) will sideline their opponents.

Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of the Capital (centre), Delhi Leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, during a visit to a Hindu Temple in New Delhi On, SaturdayOne day after being released on bail. PhotoAFP

In The day after his release he held a defiant, Kejriwal It was said that the result of the election would determine if India The country remained democratic.

“I have come to beg 1.4 billion people to save my country,” He said. “Save my country from this dictatorship.”

Kejriwal Also personally, I accused Prime Minister of targeting his enemies with criminal investigations.

“Modi has started a very dangerous mission,” He said. “Modi will send all opposition leaders to jail.”

Kejriwal’s When the government liberalised the sale and distribution of alcohol in 2021 by giving up a lucrative stake, it was accused of corrupt practices.

The Two top officials were jailed after the investigation into alleged corrupt licensing was conducted. Kejriwal allies.

Supporters cheers during a press briefing by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Then, you can get in touch with us. Aam Admi Party Headquarter on Saturday. Photo: Reuters

Rallies In support of KejriwalMany other major cities held him after his arrest. India After he was arrested.

More More than 1,000 cheering fans greeted him when he walked out of the capital’s Tihar Jail On, Friday night.

Kejriwal, 55, is the current chief minister and has held that position for almost a decade.

He The alleged bribery of the Enforcement Directorate, India’s Interrogation of financial crime agency as part the investigation.

Kejriwal Since allegations of corruption first came against him, he has denied all wrongdoing. This includes again on Saturday.

“They sent me to jail and the PM says he is fighting against corruption,” He said.

“If you want to fight corruption, learn from Arvind Kejriwal.”

BJP supporters at a rally for the campaign in Kolkata, IndiaOn Friday. PhotoAFP

The Supreme Court “Said on” Friday He could temporarily leave prison to campaign India’s He will be released from custody after the final day of voting. June 1.

“No doubt, serious accusations have been made, but he has not been convicted,” The court’s decision said. “He is not a threat to the society.”

His The condition of his release was that he not make any public comments on the case, did not interact with the witnesses or visit the office of the prosecution. Delhi government.

Modi’s Political opponents and international human rights groups have been raising the alarm for years about India’s shrinking democratic space.

US Think Tank Freedom House The BJP claimed that this year the BJP was “increasingly used government institutions to target political opponents”.

The opposition’s Rahul Gandhi During a public meeting for an election campaign on the fringes of Hyderabad On, Thursday. PhotoAFP

Rahul Gandhi, the most prominent opposition member Congress Party and scion from a dynasty which dominated Indian After a complaint from a member of the Modi’s party.

His He was disqualified from Parliament for two years until the ruling of a higher court was suspended. It raised concerns about democratic standards.

Kejriwal The following are some examples of how to get started: Gandhi They are both leaders of an alliance of over two dozen opposition parties who are jointly contesting the election India’s election.

Voting The exercise is divided into seven phases, each lasting six weeks. This helps to reduce the logistical burden associated with staging the largest democratic event in the world.

Four The results of the next round will be expected in the coming week. June 4.

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