In Joint development of the current ongoing between South Korea You can also find out more about the following: IndonesiaKF-21 Boramae Fourth prototype fighter jet model includes both the South Korean You can also find out more about the following: Indonesian On the fuselage, place two flags next to each other.

IndonesiaIt is jointly developing the “KF-21” Supersonic fighter jet with South KoreaThe proposal was made to the South Korean The government will pay only a third of the original agreed development costs. It It has also stated that it will only accept a proportion of the technology transfer for fighter jets that is equal to the cost of joint development.

According Sources of industry on May 6 Indonesian Recently, the government notified the South Korean The government announced that it would pay 600 billion won ($441,5 million) for the KF-21 project by 2026, an addition of 300 billion won on top of the 300 billion won already paid. The Shares of initial Indonesia In the KF-21, development cost was approximately 1.7 trillion Won. Later it was reduced by approximately 1.6 trillion Won.

The Indonesian The government has agreed to pay all installments by June The KF-21 will be completed in 2026. HoweverThe company has paid only 300 billion won to date and has delayed payments due to the economic conditions in Korea. In In this process it also requested that the installment payments be paid in kind such as palm oil or that the payment deadline be extended.

If You can also find out more about the following: South Korean Acceptance by the government Indonesia’s It is estimated that an additional budget of one trillion won will be needed to the 8.8 trillion won total development costs of KF-21. South Korea Reviewing Indonesia’s proposal.

As The KF-21 joint development compensation is part of the compensation. Indonesia The plan was to receive a prototype aircraft, technical data and produce 48 units on-site. In Six aircraft, each featuring the KF-21 prototype and the KF-21 production, have been built. South Korean Then, there is the Indonesian Flags are painted on them. HoweverThe scope of the benefits from joint development is also expected to be reduced if Indonesia’s The share of the cost of development decreases.

Earlier The following are some examples of how to use February, Indonesian Technicians dispatched to Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) was caught trying to steal portable storage devices (USBs), which contained internal data relating to the South Korean The fighter jet KF-21 outside of the company’s premises. These Employees are currently being investigated by police.

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